Farmer’s Market, Bikers And Curd

Our local Farmer’s Market is now in full swing….every Saturday morning.  This past weekend, the weather was perfect, so my friend, Donna, and I went to have a look-around.

Usually Donna finds more to buy, but this week, apparently, it was my turn. I bought some “natural” mosquito repellent, some wool dryer balls (which will, supposedly, lower drying time and reduce static electricity), and this cute little kitty face sun-catcher, which I can assure you is NOT fragile.

kitty face1 4-6-2015 7-39-24 PM

I also found this gorgeous wreath, made of burlap strips.

wreath 4-6-2015 7-21-19 PM

But what Donna and I will always recall about our Saturday happened in one of the antique shops we visited when we left the Farmer’s Market.  They were offering samples of lemon curd, which Donna tried, but I did not. As we were leaving the shop, we noticed a “biker” couple that was also leaving.  They were dressed in leathers, and Donna struck up a conversation, asking if riding was difficult with the breezy winds we were having that morning.

We learned that they were from Delaware, staying in Williamsburg, and would be traveling Route 10 that afternoon.  Donna and I became on-the-spot Virginia Tourism experts and told them all about Bacon’s Castle and Smith’s Fort Plantation: two historic properties they would pass on their way to the ferry to Jamestown/Williamsburg. They were very interested and said they would probably stop to visit.

After this sincere conversation, which lasted several minutes, we said our farewells. The man then pointed to Donna’s blouse and quietly said: “Ma’am, you have a little curd right there.”

Immediately, Donna and I practically collapsed in uncontrollable laughter.  Perhaps “you had to be there”, but we probably won’t ever think about that day without laughing.

And you just have to wonder: how often does a leather-clad biker have occasion to use the word “curd”?

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Farmer’s Market, Bikers And Curd

  1. The kitty-face sun-catcher is the cutest! How often does ANYONE have the opportunity to use the word “curd?” Ha ha! Good times, Dianna 🙂 MJ

  2. LOVE lemon curd – especially on fresh scones! Looks like you had a number of good finds at the Farmer’s Market……………love the sun-catcher especially……….


  3. I love lemon curd too.. on scones! We have a little tea shop not far from us and I drag CH there.. just for the scones, lemon curd, and clotted cream. AND their chicken salad on a croissant.. 😀 The kitty face suncatcher is sweet! I love it when something crazy funny happens between friends and you crack up laughing over it forever more! I have one of those times and it involves spaghetti and meatballs that landed on the sidewalk 😀

  4. I know the market was fantastic. I’m impressed your new biker friend knew what curd was! But never judge a book by its cover…or in this case, by his leathers!

  5. too cute. 🙂 love your kitty face in the window. 🙂

  6. A fun excursion and a funny story! 🙂

  7. Laughter between friends is wonderful!

  8. Gotta’ be careful with that curd !

  9. Donna the Curd wearer

    The sad part was, I was thinking I still “had it ” because his eyes kept straying the whole time we were sharing wonderful historical adventures he could have within 20 miles of where he was RIGHT NOW. But his eyes kept wandering…. So finally, as we parted ways, and as he kindly told me I was “curd splattered”, I was like–how did he know it was curd, and even sadder, it wasn’t my womanly charms that held his attention so closely!. I laughed hard, but I had to hold my friend Dianna up- she laughed so hard! Motor Man said we set the tourist industry back years. I think I have not used curd in a sentence so many times since the nursery rhyme “eating her curds and whey”. Once again-a marvelous time was had by all-even the lovely biker couple from Delaware with the wonderful sense of humor. I am just hoping curd will wash out!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a fun story and adventure for you two! Great finds, Dianna.

  11. Love the kitty sun catcher! And don’t you LOVE our town? But, I have to admit that Donna’s disappointment is the highlight of your blog today! We all know our disappointment the first time we felt our ‘charms’ slipping! Thanks for the laugh today.

  12. I love moments like that!! You’re right – it will be your joke for years!! Good thing I am in Illinois or I might snatch that cute sun-catcher and wreath!

  13. What a great story. You two have so much fun together.

  14. Some bikers can surprise you, can’t they? He might just be part-time and work as a CPA during the week. You never know!

  15. It sounds like you gave the kitty face the fragile test. Glad it survived! A former massage therapist told me about cheese curds. I’d never heard of those. Love burlap wreaths. Is that your door this one is hanging on? I hope the travelers had time to check out your suggestions.

    • Yes, I gave the kitty face the fragile test: twice. And yes, that’s our front door!

      • Our front door is the same color as the burlap, so that won’t work on ours. 😦 But it looks lovely on yours. I’m glad your kitty face survived!

  16. Lemon curd? Yum! But not on my shirt. Funny that biker dude would point it out. Love your special finds – the kitty suncatcher is so cute and the wreath is adorable!

  17. Had a laugh over the curd comment! Too funny! Don’t you just love telling people about historic spots they need to see!? We used to do that a lot when we lived there, especially as my husband and I are huge history buffs.

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