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Monday Morning Mews

Greetings, efurryone! Sundae here with the mews today.


You may recall that, a couple of weeks ago, my step-sisfur, Gypsy, was featured in an interview on the blog Piglove, written by our new buddy, Bacon. Well, Bacon also offered me that same opportunity, and my interview appeared on last week’s Spotlight Thursday, which you can read here.

Don’t worry: Gypsy and I have agreed not to let the fame go to our respective heads. We’ll still be the same down-to-earth-girls you’ve come to know and love.

Thanks, again, Bacon!

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews

Hi, efurryone. Sundae here with the Mews this week.

I’ve always known that Motor Mommy spends quite a bit of time on the computer…between her blog posts, email, Facebook and (still) waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth….well, like I said, she spends a LOT of time looking at the computer monitor.

She and Motor Man purchased an antique oak roll-top desk from her uncle’s estate a few years ago, and that’s where the computer monitor and keyboard are. She also has a collection of tiny oak dressers on the top. (Can you tell she LOVES oak?)

Anyway, sometimes, when she’s sitting there at the computer, I decide she needs my company. I’m not particularly choosy about where I sit. After all, I don’t really need much space.

 And I don’t think she really needs to use that hand anyway.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews




Let it be noted that my pawrents do not find this past-time nearly as entertaining as I do.


~These Days Of Mine~

The Kitties Have Spoken

I have recently been advised by both Sundae and Gypsy that they feel they are not being adequately recognized on this blog.

So, today is kitty day here on These Days.

Every evening, Sundae and I retire to the recliner where I attempt to read the paper, while Sundae turns and twists and turns and twists and finally curls up in my lap.  I recently snapped this close-up of her during one of her “lap times”.


Meanwhile Gypsy continues to rule the office and wrap all our visitors (and us) around her paw. And she recently discovered the relaxing magic of a kitty brush.


Hopefully, now the kitty egos will be satisfied for awhile. Purrhaps I should plan posts about our fur-babies more often.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Here are today’s random thoughts from our little corner of the world:

1.) All those early morning and late evenings I spent spraying Liquid Fence have been worth it.  I actually have a decent gladiola crop this year.  In the past, the deer have enjoyed the blooms before I even had a chance. Glads always bring back memories of my grandmother.

glads 6-23-2016 6-41-51 PM

2.) A couple of evenings ago, Sundae was just “hanging around” on the arm of the recliner while I read the paper.  I took this picture of her from an odd angle with my cell phone. (A selfie, of sorts.)  It reminds me of a stodgy old gentleman in a library.  Marshall says she looks as if she’s ready to say: “Oh, yeah?!  Well, let me tell you this….”


3.) Wednesday morning’s sunrise.

sunrise marina 6-22-2016 5-50-38 AM

4.) However, yesterday morning was an entirely different story. We had thunderstorms move through around 8:30.  Later, several people, myself included, said they’d never seen it as dark during daylight hours. It was practically impossible to get a good photo. Although the flash of my camera illuminated the raindrops,  you can also see that our neighbors’ exterior photo-eye lights were triggered by the darkness.

raindrops 6-23-2016 8-35-52 AM

5.) This weekend is the Olden Days Festival in our little town.  It begins tonight with a concert (oldies/beach music), a classic car show and vintage market.  Saturday will be more concerts, along with the car show, vintage market, craft and food vendors and the farmers market. My friends, Donna and Shirley, are arriving this afternoon to attend tonight’s activities with us, spend the night, and “do the town” tomorrow.  Tonight’s weather is a bit iffy, but tomorrow looks great.

You may recall my post about last year’s Olden Days weekend, where I hitched a ride on a picnic table on wheels. Wonder what adventures we’ll have this weekend?

db picnic table on wheels1 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM

What’s your randomness today?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

We are on the verge of the weekend, and it’s time for five randoms.

1.)  I must post a correction:  the black stallion I shared photos of in Wednesday’s post was, in reality, NOT Gus. I had attempted to confirm it as I was writing the post, but  I learned later that it wasn’t.  This was the Gus imposter that we saw:

gus lookalike 5-8-2016 6-00-41 PM

And the REAL Gus in this photo from the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo

Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo

So I apologize for the incorrect information. And one day, I hope we’ll see the REAL Gus.

2.) Wednesday, Motor Man and I had been out to lunch, and as we were walking back to our vehicle, I tripped on the curb and fell.  Why is it that, when you fall,  it takes forever to actually hit the ground? I remember thinking: can I please just fall already and get this over with? As Motor Man helped me to my feet, a young woman came running over to us to see if I was okay.  She retrieved my shoe and offered to go inside and get me another soft drink (I had dropped mine during the fall). The folks in the drive-thru were certainly treated to a show as they waited in line. No serious injuries: just some soreness, and my pride was more than a little bruised.

3.) Anybody seen Sundae? Cute: earlier this morning, she “kissed” me on my ear.  Not cute: it was 4:45 this morning and woke me from a sound sleep.

sundae toes

4.) Yesterday, I spent much of the day running errands. Soon after I returned to the shop, Gypsy was in my lap in her signature position. Silly girl cat.

gypsy1 5-12-2016 7-18-30 PM

5.) And, finally, in our travels, Motor Man and I recently saw this truck-being-used-as-a-billboard.  I’ve sometimes heard the word realtor pronounced “reel-a-tor”, but I was a bit surprised to see it spelled this way in the web address.  Oh well, if you’re looking for real estate in  southeast Virginia/northeast North Carolina, here’s your link.


Happy weekend!  We’re hoping for some sun for a change.

~These Days Of  Mine~

Sundae Says: “I’m Glad I’m A Cat”

“You know how it is when you have guests over in the evening, and they stay…and stay….and stay.

sundae1 3-22-2016 8-37-50 AM

And you just get so sleepy, you’re trying to stifle a yawn? (If you’re a human, that’s what happens. If you’re a cat, you just go with the yawn.)

sundae yawn 3-22-2016 8-37-53 AM

When my pawrents’ friend has guests that linger late into the night, he just says to his wife: “Honey, we should be going to bed: these folks might want to leave.”

sundae sleeping 3-23-2016 8-56-28 AM

Sigh…. I’m just glad I’m a cat. Things are so much simpler in our world.

~These Days Of Mine~