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Gone To The Cats

As you well know, our kitties are a big part of our lives.

Our two have been particularly affectionate this week, especially to Motor Man. Earlier this week, Gypsy walked across my desk, on to his legs and then up to his chest…..where she perched.

(She must think she’s still THIS size):

Later that same afternoon, when Motor Man got home, Sundae gave him a little of her time.

Marshall recently sent these pictures of his kitties.  Sweet little Sibby discovered the “Hoosier” cabinet.

She’s so entertaining, he sends me lots of pictures of her.

And his kitty, Snugg, being king of his domain.

“I’ve found that the way a person feels about cats-and the way they feel about him or her in return-is usually an excellent gauge by which to measure a person’s character” 
― P.C. Cast


Just Kitties

It’s been a while since any of the kitties have been featured here on These Days. And apparently, their little feelings have been hurt. So today, it’s all about the kitties:

One day last week, Motor Man had gotten home before I did. When I walked in, this was the cozy scene:

And Gypsy, enjoying a bag …

…as only a kitty can.

Marshall often shares pictures with me of his three kitties. He said he caught Chessie right in the middle of a good “scratching session”:

This is his kitty, Snugg, who obviously knows when his picture is being taken:

And Screamer, who is also a bit of a “ham”:

Hopefully, the kitties will be happy now with a little time in the spotlight. And I must say that I enjoy posting about them much more than…..(eek) snakes.

~These Days Of Mine~


Photos By Marshall

For the most part, photos I take with my cell phone never really seem to be all that great. But, Marshall, on the other hand, takes some really nice pics with his phone.  He shares many of them with me by text.  So today, I thought I’d post some of his recent captures.

First, a rather patriotic planting.

Marshall’s kitty, Snugg.  You probably recall seeing pictures of him here in the past. He’s quite a ham and, apparently, a camera hog.

A new kitty has come to live with Marshall.  He’s quite a talker, so his name is officially “Screamer”. But, as those of you with pets know, we can turn a name around to be something quite different. “Screamer” became “Screamer, Deemer”, and now he’s just “Deems”. He, like Snugg, seems to know when his picture is being taken.

And finally, Marshall caught this shot of Snugg and his sisfur, Chessie (aka “Chesmire”) on the deck. Apparently, Chessie had just finished up a treat. And according to Snugg’s expression, it was HIS treat.

Thanks for sending these, Marshall, and allowing me to share them with my readers.

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews

Happy May 1st, efurryone! It’s Sundae AND Gypsy both here this morning, and we have two furry special guests with us on the Mews today.

If you’ve been a regular reader here, you will remember Snugg and Chessie. They’re the kitties belonging to Motor Mommy’s son, Marshall.  He shared some photos of them with Motor Mom recently, so we thought we’d invite them over today to be part of the Mews.

First, here’s Chessie, on the porch, enjoying some springtime flowers.

And her brofur, Snugg, hanging out and chilling inside under a rocker. Obviously, Snugg is the resident comedian and provides Marshall with lots of photo ops.

Thanks, guys, for joining us today.   Keep posing for those cute pics for Marshall, and we’ll share them here with our readers.

~These Days Of Mine~

Five Fun Felines For Friday

Oh, I hear the collective groan from my readers. Yes, there isn’t much going on  “These Days”. Things will definitely busy up once spring with her warm weather arrives.  But, today, I’m, once again, resorting to my photo archives for blog material.  At least our kitties entertain us year-round.

 1.) I look forward to relaxing in the evening in the recliner and working the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  Occasionally, Sundae will decide to use that time to relax in my lap. This makes reading the paper and working the puzzle more challenging than usual.

sundae on my lap 12-14-2015 6-49-57 PM

2.)  Gypsy has a new toy mouse. But, right in the middle of playtime, a stretch just happened.


3.) Marshall sent me this photo recently of his kitty, Chessie.  She’d just emerged from under the house, and was wearing a souvenir (a cobweb) behind her left ear.  Marshall and I both think that, in this picture, she resembles Grumpy Cat.  She clearly looks annoyed.


4.) I took this picture of Marshall’s other kitty, Snuggles, doing his very best “loaf of bread” impression.

snugg the loaf 10-26-2015 8-14-59 AM

5  and a bonus) Several months ago, we saw this feral kitty behind our shop. We put out food and attempted to tame her.  Meanwhile, a nearby business owner and his wife took her in.  She apparently has some American Curl lineage, and is also a polydactyl (has an extra toe on each front foot). Recently, she was spayed and received a clean bill of health.  Her name is “Mama Kitty”.

curl eared kitty 10-20-2015 1-38-14 PM

And the bonus: her kitten, also taken in by the same couple.  She is semi-tame, and they’ve named her “Emmy”. What an adorable little face.

outback kitten-001

Have a good weekend. We’re expecting a little snow today, lows in the single digits tonight, and I don’t even want to think about wind chills.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Time for some Friday randomness, this week dominated by family felines:

1.)  Marshall sent me this picture of his kitty, Snugg.  Marshall thinks a larger sofa may be in order.


2.) Speaking of kitties and silly poses:


3.) And still more:

sundae am 4-28-2015 8-03-27 AM

4.)  Admit it, we all have ’em.  That one pair of knock-around shoes that really needs to be tossed, but they’re just so comfy, we tend to hang onto them.  Allow me to introduce you to Motor Man’s: Bo and Re-bo.

jr shoes

5.) Yesterday was a perfect day for yard work, and today seems just as promising.  Tomorrow, our Farmers Market may be calling my name. I’m guessing there will be some plants there that I need.

sunrise 5-15-2015 6-26-27 AM

Your weekend plans?

~These Days Of Mine~

Snugg, The Ham

It’s been awhile since I shared any of Marshall’s photos of his kitty, Snugg. For those of you new to the blog, Snugg was named for the kitty of Snuggle Fabric Softener fame.

Snugg has always been quite the camera hog.


Marshall is a firm believer that Snugg actually poses for pictures.


He definitely gives Marshall quite a bit to work with in the photo department.

Recently, a neighborhood cat spent some time at Marshall’s, and Snugg didn’t take kindly to the newcomer. (That cat is no longer on the scene; hopefully, he returned home.) Marshall and I thought this was an interesting photo.




There’s a winter storm heading our way later today. I’m guessing Marshall will get pictures of Snugg all curled up, staying warm, rather than in his usual stretched out poses.

~These Days Of Mine~