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Not My Kinda Cat

I keep an old pair of flip flops by the door to our garage, and just slip them on when I’m going out in the yard.

Last week, I learned that that’s probably not a smart thing to do.

I was watering plants out near a tree and thought I’d stepped on a pine cone. I re-enacted the scene for this photo, so just imagine this flip-flop still being on my foot…..

That’s a catfish skull, and the bone was embedded in the side of my shoe. When this happened, I had to hobble to the garage and use a pair of pliers to remove it.

There’s an osprey nest at the breakwater of the marina near our house. The osprey perch in our tree near where I was watering and enjoy the meals they catch in the river. So I don’t have to wonder how the skull came to be there on the ground near my plants.

I am SO thankful that this bone was only in the shoe and not in my foot. That was just a little too close for comfort and would probably have meant a trip to urgent care.  Just for kicks, I later measured the distance from the puncture hole to where my foot was: about 3/4 of an inch.

I have “Sloggers” gardening shoes, and after this scare, I think I’ll start wearing them rather than flip flops.


~These Days Of Mine~