Not My Kinda Cat

I keep an old pair of flip flops by the door to our garage, and just slip them on when I’m going out in the yard.

Last week, I learned that that’s probably not a smart thing to do.

I was watering plants out near a tree and thought I’d stepped on a pine cone. I re-enacted the scene for this photo, so just imagine this flip-flop still being on my foot…..

That’s a catfish skull, and the bone was embedded in the side of my shoe. When this happened, I had to hobble to the garage and use a pair of pliers to remove it.

There’s an osprey nest at the breakwater of the marina near our house. The osprey perch in our tree near where I was watering and enjoy the meals they catch in the river. So I don’t have to wonder how the skull came to be there on the ground near my plants.

I am SO thankful that this bone was only in the shoe and not in my foot. That was just a little too close for comfort and would probably have meant a trip to urgent care.  Just for kicks, I later measured the distance from the puncture hole to where my foot was: about 3/4 of an inch.

I have “Sloggers” gardening shoes, and after this scare, I think I’ll start wearing them rather than flip flops.


~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Not My Kinda Cat

  1. Goodness! How did you find out that it’s a catfish head skeleton? Glad it didn’t pierce your foot. You just never know what kind of critter and in what condition you’re going to find, do you? I enjoy your treasure trove.

  2. Lucky you! I imagine that would have been super painful if it HAD gone into your foot. I always wear my Sloggers out in the yard and don’t even own flip flops. Be careful out there young lady! 🙂


  3. that is close …. time for some boots !!

  4. Yikes! That would have been awfully painful!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Praise the Lord that did not stick in your foot!!! Sometimes HE uses close calls to open our eyes. Glad you are ok.

  6. I had a similar experience with a jumping cholla in Arizona…and luckily I was wearing hiking boots ! Glad you escaped safely !

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