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Sun, Clouds, Rain, Sun, Horses

Saturday, Motor Man and I ‘motored’ to Carova Beach, NC.

We ran through torrential rains about halfway there. Then the sun came out, then more clouds and more rain. By the time we got to the 4 wheel drive beach, it was mostly sunny.  The temps were comfortable enough to have the windows down.

Until we spot our first wild horse(s) of the day, we always wonder if it will be a zero-horse day. It didn’t take long on Saturday to find the first group.

We saw a total of 23,  including this stallion being quite lazy.

Not that a horse gives a whinny about modesty, but I thought I’d help the guy out a little and make him a “star”.

“Sheesh, can’t a fella enjoy a little relaxation in peace?”

This is the Virginia/North Carolina state line at Carova. The fence extends into the ocean to prevent the horses from straying into Virginia.  Obviously, this was taken during one of the sunny moments in the day.

But before we left the beach, there were more clouds.

And we drove through heavy rain (again) on our way home.

Our weekend weather was quite changeable, but, rain, shine (or a mixture), we always enjoy our beach trips.

~These Days Of Mine~