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The Setting Sun

When I saw this prompt on Mama Kat’s list this week, I knew it would be my choice:

3.) A blog post inspired by the words: setting sun

The setting sun is a big deal around our house. (Sometimes the sunrise is, too, but if we’re at home in the evening, we’re checking the sky to see what the sunset holds in store. And, even if we aren’t home and aren’t in a location to get a good picture, we still enjoy a pretty sunset.)

I don’t recall ever paying much attention to sunrises and sunsets until Motor Man came into my life.  But I’ve more than made up for that in the past sixteen years.

Most evenings, Bride and/or Groom Swan are here to enjoy the setting sun with me.

bride groom sun 6-23-2014 8-21-07 PM

I’ve found that clouds always add interest to a sunset.

sunset and grass 6-24-2014 7-46-43 PM

As does smooth-as-glass water.

glass 6-24-2014 7-52-48 PM

And a photogenic, willing model is always a plus.

groom 6-24-2014 7-49-59 PM

Once I began dabbling in this hobby of photography, I learned about the golden hour.  It can occur at sunrise or sunset, and the lighting is amazing.

bride and groom 6-23-2014 8-19-27 PM

I may have shared this quote before. It was on a poster at the convalescent center when my mom was a patient there many years ago, and it’s one that I’ve always remembered. I’m sorry that I’m not able to determine the author.

The sun setting
is no less beautiful
 than the sun rising.

Mama’s Losin’ It

~These Days Of Mine~