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And (At Last) The Winners Are……

It’s possible that many/most/some of you have completely forgotten about a blog post from November 4, 2016, in which I wrote about this contest. In that post, I shared the three photos I was submitting for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund 2018 calendar contest. I don’t know the reasons, but the calendar was later than usual being printed.

But, it arrived last week, and…… once again, I am honored to have not one, but two photos featured.

This is January, 2018:

And November, 2018:

Surprisingly, only a couple of my readers selected the photo of the horses running on the beach as their favorite. Of those, the name chosen as a winner of the contest was Jill Weatherholt, a fellow blogger that I’ve “known” for several years.

More readers selected the photo of the horses “head on”, and the name chosen of those is Phyllis S.  As I read back over the comments, I find it interesting that a couple of you thought that would make a nice picture for October or November. Apparently, those in charge of the calendar had the same thought.

I was rather surprised that the contest judges didn’t select this photo. I do believe it may be my favorite of the three.

I will be contacting the winners by email for mailing addresses and sending each of you one of the 2018 calendars.  Thanks to all of you who participated, and happy last weekend-before-Christmas.

~These Days Of Mine~






Random Five Friday

Happy Friday! Time for randomness:

1.) The other evening on our way to dinner, Marshall spotted a sun dog in the western sky. (Just one more thing my son has taught me….)


2.) I do believe that I have my first photo entry for the 2019 Corolla Wild Horse Calendar contest.


3.) On a recent trip to Clarksville, VA, Motor Man and I discovered yet another LOVE sign.  Virginia’s state motto is “Virginia Is For Lovers”, so signs spelling out the word LOVE are scattered over the state.  Clarksville has many recreational activities related to its lakes, and the land was once home to the Occoneechee Indians (thus the dream catcher) . We thought this was a very original sign.


4.) Another busy weekend ahead: antiquing and “live” wreath-shopping with a friend tomorrow. We aren’t tackling the horse-head wreaths again this year. We had a fun time making them last Christmas, but it was a LOT of work.

donna db aggies wreath2 12-12-2015 5-07-59 PM

5.) Santa is scheduled to be at Bacon’s Castle tomorrow.  I may just have to stop by to take photos.  (Any excuse to visit the Castle… )


Enjoy your weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Another Year, Another Calendar Contest

For the fourth consecutive year, I am submitting photos in the 2018 Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar contest.  I have been so honored to have had photos chosen for the three years that I’ve participated.

Each year, I also hold a little contest here on These Days, offering my readers a chance to select which photo they think may be chosen by the judges to appear in the calendar.   Here are my three that I submitted for this contest:

Picture # 1: This photo was taken on May 25, 2016.  It was the most amazing day  we’ve ever experienced on the Carova beach. The wind was from the west, which, sadly, causes the flies to be horrible for the horses.  To get relief, the horses head for the beach, and we lost count that day after seeing over 70 of them along the water’s edge.  In this picture,  I like that you can see splashes of water from the waves. And the beauty of those sleek black stallions against the blue of the ocean…..


2.) Picture # 2:  this photo was taken the same day as the first picture. As you can imagine, with so many harems down by the water, several of the stallions had little…..disagreements.  They were all resolved rather quickly, but sorting it out involved a little action and quite a bit of whinnying and snorting.


Picture # 3: taken December 26, 2015. I can’t say exactly what it is about this photo that I find so striking: the dark colors of the horses among the otherwise drab background?  The long white blaze of the black horse?


Imagine that you are a judge for the calendar: which photo would you select?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Five random thoughts for October’s final Friday:

1.) An unknown (to me) waterfowl during a recent trip to the Outer Banks. What a life: hanging out at the beach all day.


2.) This month’s Harvest Moon a couple of weeks ago rising through the clouds:


And just three minutes later:


3.)  We discovered a couple of weeks ago that Miss Gypsy, unfortunately, had a bad case of fleas. How that happened, we aren’t sure, since she never goes out of the office.  Perhaps someone inadvertently brought them in to her?  We hadn’t seen her scratching, but she began acting strangely. So we took her to the vet, where she was given a flea treatment.  We sprayed the office that evening, so she had to “camp out” in another part of our shop, Motor Man’s “dyno” room. She was a little trouper through it all, though, and is all better now.


Gypsy, looking through the window of her new (temporary) room

4.) Tomorrow, my friend, Donna, and I are planning to go to our local Farmers Market.  It should be fun to see all the little ones dressed in their costumes. Will Donna and I dress up?  Tune in next week to find out.

5.)  The deadline to enter the Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar is Monday.  So I will, once again, be submitting photos.  And I’ll have a contest here on These Days, so my readers can select which photos they think might be featured in the calendar.  Three photos are allowed, and I’ve narrowed my choices down to….oh, about twenty.  Will this be one I choose to enter?  I’ll let you know next week.


Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~


You may recall that, for the past two years, I have participated in the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar contest.

And I have been incredibly honored to have had one of my photos chosen both years.

horse calendars 8-13-2015 7-59-38 PM

Now it’s time to submit photos for the 2017 Corolla Calendar.  As in the past, I’m going to share with you today the three photos I chose to send, and ask you  which one you think MIGHT possibly be selected by the judges.

Once I learn IF either of these is a winner, I will randomly select, from the comments on this post, one of my readers who chose that photo. This time, I will pick two winners: one blogger and one non-blogger.  If neither photo is chosen for the calendar, we’ll still have two winners here on These Days: I’ll just pick two readers from the comments submitted. Winners will be chosen from comments left here on the blog.

What will the prize be?  I haven’t decided yet; it will be a surprise!

Here’s picture one:

1 10-4-2014 2-14-51 PM

Picture two:

And bachelor picture number three:

3 6-6-2015 3-59-06 PM

So….tell me what you think.  Which photo do you think has a possibility of being selected for the next Corolla Calendar?

You already know how much I enjoy taking pictures of these horses and how much Motor Man and I enjoy driving on the beach to catch glimpses of them.  The folks with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund work tirelessly to care for these beautiful animals (all the while letting them remain wild and free unless it’s absolutely necessary that they be removed from the herd).  I’m pleased to support that organization in any way possible.

Having one of my photos appear in their calendar is simply icing on the cake.

~These Days Of Mine~



And The Winner Is…

You may recall this post from August 24, 2014, sharing the three photos I submitted for the 2016 Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar contest. I asked my readers to select which one they thought the judges might choose.

Friday, the winners were announced, and I’m pleased and honored to say that, for the second consecutive year, one of my photos will indeed be in the calendar:

horse and surf 8-18-2013 7-48-42 AM

This photo was taken on  August 18, 2013.  Motor Man and I had driven up on the beach very early in the morning.  We prefer that time of day, because there are fewer people on the beach, less traffic, and it’s just a pretty time for photos.

I had gotten out of our vehicle, and Motor Man drove a little further up the beach to stop and wait for me. There were three horses on the beach,  one lying down.  I sat in the sand at the bottom of a nearby dune and just snapped pictures to my heart’s content.  It was a most peaceful, serene time, and I’m reminded of that when I see this photo.

Of the 43 comments left on my giveaway post, 23 readers selected this as their favorite or the one they thought might be selected by the judges.  Motor Man pulled one of those names “out of the hat” last night, and the winner is fellow Virginia blogger, Patti, from A New Day Dawns.

Patti, your prize is one of the 2016 Corolla Wild Horse Calendars, which will be available in April. If you’d like, we’ll meet for lunch, and I’ll deliver it in person.

Thanks, everyone, for all the comments and compliments. (And, yes, I already have a file set aside with possible photos for the 2017 contest.)

~These Days Of Mine~