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Random Five Friday

Friday again, and time for five random thoughts:

1.) It’s a rainy, breezy Friday for us, as a mini coastal storm moves through our area. But the weather folks are predicting guessing that we’ll have a nice weekend.

2.) For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been busy visiting every nearby nursery/greenhouse/home improvement center in search of plants.  I should know better than to think I’m not going to do a lot of planting once spring arrives, because I always do.  I still haven’t found any Black-eyed Susan vines, yet; I’m guessing it’s too early in the season.

3.) Since I couldn’t find hanging baskets to my liking this spring, I bought geraniums and bacopa and planted my own last weekend.  Yesterday afternoon, I went out to put all the porch plants on the ground, so they could get rain water. And saw this:

front porch mess 4-30-2015 2-36-053

Here’s a close-up:

close up 4-30-2015 2-36-52 PM

Apparently Mr./Ms. Squirrel decided to shimmy up the chain of the porch swing and dig a crater in the hanging basket. What a mess. At least he/she didn’t disturb the plants. That will probably happen on their next trip.

 4.) Speaking of critters, Tuesday afternoon, I was walking around the yard taking pictures during the “golden hour”, and spotted this deer, all cozy in the edge of the marsh grass. He definitely spotted me, too.

deer lying in marsh grass 4-27-2015 7-09-03 PM

5.) And, finally, something very different here on my blog.  I’m posting photos of a couple, hoping that just maybe someone reading this will recognize them.  A camera was recently found in a body of water not far from us, and turned over to the sheriff’s department.  Amazingly, the authorities were able to download the photos from the SD card. (These pictures were shared on the sheriff’s department’s Facebook page and in our local paper.) I realize this is a long shot, but I know how distressed I would be to lose my camera and pictures.  So, if you know these folks, let me know, and we’ll get their camera and photos returned to them.

lost cam

lost cam2

Happy weekend! Here’s hoping for sunshine….

~These Days Of Mine~