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Wordless Wednesday: It’s A Zoo Around Here

swan ducks deer 1-26-2016 3-43-40 PM

(Just a typical day in our yard.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

It’s been another busy week here at the “wildlife refuge”.

1.) While my niece, Donna, was visiting last week, she, Marshall and I were standing out in front of our garage, talking one morning.  We heard a sound, seeming to come from inside the garage. We discovered that “New Swan” was tapping on the side door with his beak. Motor Man has teased me for a long time, saying that he expects the swan to ring the door bell. Guess that will be next.

swan 7-21-2015 8-25-29 PM

2.) It’s been hot here recently.  Really hot.  So hot that bunnies have resorted to digging little cool-off spots in the dirt. Love his little stretched-out hind legs.

bunny1 8-3-2015 6-39-12 PM 8-3-2015 6-39-12 PM

3.) We rarely see this many waterfowl gathered at one time.  This was during evening’s golden hour earlier this week.

waterfowl 8-3-2015 7-13-29 PM

4.) When I shared this next photo on my Facebook page, my caption was: “Liriope: it’s what’s for dinner”.

deer and liriope 8-5-2015 6-17-57 PM

(But, yes,  he’s adorable….) And a friend commented that, because of his “careful” pruning, the liriope will come back even thicker next year.

deer through trees 8-5-2015 6-18-40 PM

5.) Bluebirds may possibly be my favorite of all birds. They’re so quick, it’s rare for me to get a picture of one. I’m happy this one posed for a minute.

bluebird 7-30-2015 4-03-39 PM

Bonus: “wild child”.  Well, she had just attacked the table leg, so she qualifies.

sundae and table leg 7-30-2015 7-47-30 AM

Anything wild in your neck of the woods?

~These Days Of Mine~

Last Evening’s Company

Motor Man and I went to a customer’s race shop yesterday afternoon, so we had dinner while we were out.

Since we’ve been having typical southeast Virginia summertime weather recently (hot, humid and only spotty rain in selected areas), I needed to water a few plants when we got home.  I was so engrossed in deadheading and pruning a bedraggled hanging petunia, that I didn’t notice I had company until I heard an odd “smacking” sound.

swan 7-21-2015 8-25-29 PM

“My” swan had come to visit, and I suppose the smacking sound was his way of letting me know that he was there and ready for dinner.

I glanced toward the western sky at the sunset…

sunset 7-21-2015 8-23-30 PM

…and saw that I had even more company. This mom actually has twins, but they wouldn’t cooperate to be in the same picture.

mom babe 7-21-2015 8-24-28 PM

We just never know who will come to visit around here…

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

This week’s random thoughts:

1.) Recently I’ve been upset that so many of my plants have been severely damaged by deer. Allow me to introduce the next generation of plant destroyers.

2.) The deer may have damaged a fair amount of my glads, but because of our plentiful rainfall this summer, I’ve had an abundance of blooms. I’ve managed to salvage some for our enjoyment too.

glads bathroom 7-15-2015 2-06-15 PM

3.) I’m pleased to share some HAPPY news: William/Guillermo, the Corolla foal that was sick and had to be removed from the herd, has been released from the NC State vet school hospital, and is now at the Corolla rescue facility. They’re planning an open house in October, and we’re planning to be there. He’ll be adopted by a veterinarian who’s on the board of directors at Corolla Wild Horse Fund. That’s his surrogate mom, Pebbles, in the video with him.

4.) We arrived home yesterday after dinner and errands just in time to catch the sunset with a friend.

swan in grass 7-16-2015 8-05-47 PM

 5.)  Here’s a teaser for you.  Can you spot Marshall’s gray kitty, Chessie, in this photo?  She’s in there, and I’ll provide her exact location in Monday’s post.

hidden chessie

Enjoy the weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

The Pansy Incident

And, now, your weekly deer report.

These photos were taken Monday evening when Motor Man and I returned home from dinner.  We noticed a few deer out in the yard, but as we came into the driveway, we saw this: three packets of pansies that I hadn’t yet gotten around to planting.

pansies 3-30-2015 7-15-33 PM

Later, I went out to take pictures of the sunset, but something else caught my eye. I squatted down to get a better picture of him.

silhouette 3-30-2015 7-23-32 PM

Then, he spotted me.

deer1 3-30-2015 7-24-00 PM

But he wasn’t too concerned.

deer2 3-30-2015 7-24-14 PM

 He kept grazing and walking closer.

deer3 3-30-2015 7-24-18 PM

And I kept snapping pictures.

deer6 3-30-2015 7-25-21 PM

And neither of us mentioned the pansy incident.

~These Days Of Mine~

Just Visiting Or A New Neighbor?

Many times, I’ve shared with you photos of deer in our yard. But Motor Man spotted something unusual yesterday morning and called me quickly (and quietly) to the window.

young buck 11-11-2014 7-50-48 AM

Of all the deer I’ve seen here through the years, I really can’t recall ever seeing a buck. I moved from window to window, taking pictures, as he walked along the length of our yard.

buck best 11-11-2014 7-51-42 AM

Although we’ve occasionally seen deer walking in the street, it always strikes us as strange when they do.

in street 11-11-2014 7-53-46 AM

I should have called my neighbors to tell them they had company, but then, I would have missed getting these pictures.

deer2 11-11-2014 7-54-56 AM

What’s odd is, there was a young deer already in the neighbors’ yard (Motor Man spotted that, too), but it wasn’t traveling with the buck.

2deer 11-11-2014 7-55-15 AM

So the question is: was the buck just visiting our neighborhood? Or is he a new neighbor?  Although I’m sure he’ll wreak havoc on our flowers and shrubs, he’s so beautiful handsome, I’m hoping he’ll stay.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

It’s been a fairly uneventful week around here, so today’s Random Five are just photos from yesterday.

1.) It was a gray, drizzly, breezy day, but our crape myrtle is still providing us with a little color.

crape myrtle foliage 11-6-2014 3-22-03 PM

2.) Late in the afternoon, I noticed a deer grazing by the marsh. I quietly opened the door and stepped out on the deck to take some pictures. From the looks of that tongue, something must have been tasty!

deer1 11-6-2014 4-14-26 PM 11-6-2014 4-14-26 PM

3.) Yep, I’ve been spotted. I understand that hunting is an evil necessity, and they do aggravate me when they eat my flowers, but I’m so glad these beautiful creatures are safe in our neighborhood.

deer3 11-6-2014 4-14-58 PM

 4.) As we were going to dinner, a storm was approaching our area. Skies were threatening, but beautiful shades of blue.

The "Lighthouse" at Smithfield Station

The “Lighthouse” at Smithfield Station

5.) And just a little later and a few miles away, those clouds weren’t nearly as pretty. Thankfully the heavy rains didn’t quite make it to where we had dinner and ran errands.

storm clouds 11-6-2014 5-49-07 PM

So, was your week more eventful than ours?

~These Days Of Mine~