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Wordless Wednesday: It’s A Zoo Around Here

swan ducks deer 1-26-2016 3-43-40 PM

(Just a typical day in our yard.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Whew! I must admit: I’m glad it’s Friday. And that means, it’s time for Random Five Friday.

1.)  Thank you SO much for the kind comments on yesterday’s post regarding my current blog struggle. I was encouraged by the support!

2.) Earlier this week, Gypsy shared a post about her work as my office assistant. Sundae said she wanted equal time. I guess her title would be domestic engineer, specializing in laundry, particularly warm towels, fresh from the dryer.

sundae towels 2-5-2014 4-22-13 PM

3.) Tax preparation is complete: YAY!  Motor Man just has to look over a couple of things, and it will be on its way to the CPA. What can I do to celebrate?

4.) The ducks that I feed almost daily missed a few days last week because of the snow. But as soon as it began clearing, there they were, ready to eat.

ducks 2-1-2014 4-06-53 PM

And quack.

ducktail 2-1-2014 4-07-03 PM

5.) Speaking of “waterfowl”, last Saturday morning, Motor Man and I took a little drive around town. I spotted this egret near the edge of a stream at our local park. It was on Motor Man’s side of the vehicle, so I handed him the camera. I love everything about this picture: the white snow, the blue of the water and the blurred reflection of the trees in the water. Good job, Motor Man!

egret 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM 2-1-2014 10-15-53 AM

And now, I’m heading over to Nancy’s to read other Random Five Friday entries.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Many Antics Of Groom Swan

Sometimes when I’m out working in the yard and don’t notice Groom Swan waiting impatiently for food, he’ll just come casually strolling over to where I am.

groom swan walking

When the ducks are there for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I feed them corn in recycled Cool Whip bowls. Sometimes, Groom Swan crashes their party.

groom swan cool whip bowl

Out near the water, I have a small bird bath that’s used mainly by the swans and (unfortunately) the Canada Geese. When Groom Swan is “on land”, and I feed him bread, he takes a beakful over to the bird bath and dips it in the water to soften it.

groom swan dipping bread

Pretty clever, I’d say.

groom swan and bird bath

And just so Bride Swan doesn’t feel left out, here’s a recent photo of her. (She rarely comes up on land, but when she does, she stays close to the water.)


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This And That Thursday

Today I’m sharing some recent random photos.

Sunday morning, the bee-line for breakfast: Groom Swan, Bride Swan and assorted unnamed ducks.

swans in morning

Yesterday was an overcast day with off-and-on sprinkles. Late in the afternoon, the skies began to clear.


Sundae, in one of her favorite hang-out spots – “outside the railing” of the loft in our bedroom.

sundae in loftAnd, in case you’re missing the sunsets here on These Days, here’s a picture from last week.

sunset reflection

Wordless Wednesday – Duck Bath

Linking up to Wordless Wednesday.

Sunset Sunday

I’ve been waiting all week to share these photos with you. I think you’ll understand why. This was the sunset last Sunday.

I already knew that I was going to be taking lots of pictures, but when Groom Swan showed up, he just clinched it.

The water reflected every cloud, every color in the sky.

And then Bride Swan joined us.

It almost looked as though she were swimming in the clouds.

The ducks heard there was a sunset party and didn’t want to be excluded.

Yes, I probably took too many pictures.

But sunsets like this don’t happen everyday.

And Marshall tells me I still have plenty of space left on my hard drive.

Feeding The Stock

My sister, June, who’s a few years’ older than I am, remembers visiting our grandparents and hearing our aunts and uncles, who owned nearby farms, saying they had to go home to “feed the stock”.

She remembers wondering what “stock” was.

Now, I laugh and tell her that I’m feeding the stock at our house. We’ve been feeding the swans for a long time, but recently, we’ve added some other breakfast, lunch and dinner guests.

A month or so ago, I began feeding corn to a few ducks.

I even sprang for fine china for them, so they wouldn’t have to eat off the ground.

Apparently, word spread quickly among the duck community.

And I had to increase their number of place settings.

Sometimes they have a dinner guest.

Hmm. I wonder if they ever get the feeling that they’re being watched?