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Random Five Friday

It’s been another busy week here at the “wildlife refuge”.

1.) While my niece, Donna, was visiting last week, she, Marshall and I were standing out in front of our garage, talking one morning.  We heard a sound, seeming to come from inside the garage. We discovered that “New Swan” was tapping on the side door with his beak. Motor Man has teased me for a long time, saying that he expects the swan to ring the door bell. Guess that will be next.

swan 7-21-2015 8-25-29 PM

2.) It’s been hot here recently.  Really hot.  So hot that bunnies have resorted to digging little cool-off spots in the dirt. Love his little stretched-out hind legs.

bunny1 8-3-2015 6-39-12 PM 8-3-2015 6-39-12 PM

3.) We rarely see this many waterfowl gathered at one time.  This was during evening’s golden hour earlier this week.

waterfowl 8-3-2015 7-13-29 PM

4.) When I shared this next photo on my Facebook page, my caption was: “Liriope: it’s what’s for dinner”.

deer and liriope 8-5-2015 6-17-57 PM

(But, yes,  he’s adorable….) And a friend commented that, because of his “careful” pruning, the liriope will come back even thicker next year.

deer through trees 8-5-2015 6-18-40 PM

5.) Bluebirds may possibly be my favorite of all birds. They’re so quick, it’s rare for me to get a picture of one. I’m happy this one posed for a minute.

bluebird 7-30-2015 4-03-39 PM

Bonus: “wild child”.  Well, she had just attacked the table leg, so she qualifies.

sundae and table leg 7-30-2015 7-47-30 AM

Anything wild in your neck of the woods?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

As I noted last week, the official Random Five Friday meme is no more. But my readers seem to enjoy the R5F posts, so I’ve decided to go it alone.

1.) Gypsy “helped” me with office work yesterday.  She is oblivious to the calculator, until I start using it. Then she’s captivated with that paper. I’ve learned if I need to keep a calculator tape, I’d better tear it off quickly, before she has a chance at it. Thankfully, this wasn’t one I needed.

gypsy with calculator

2.) Sundae was at the window “chattering” earlier this week.  She must have thought this was the biggest bird she’d ever seen.

sundae and duck 4-22-2014 8-23-56 AM

3.) Continuing with the animal theme, recently, there were three herons (right, TexWis?) waiting by the river at sunrise to catch breakfast. I’ve never seen three so close together. As soon as I snapped this picture – through the window – they flew away in unison. Now, THAT would have been a picture.

3 egrets herons 4-20-2014 6-42-59 AM

4.) A few of my readers asked that I post about some of the cards I make. I’ll try to write in depth about that soon, but here’s one I made this week for Marshall’s grandmother. She’ll be 94 in a couple of weeks. It was my first try at watercolor, and, although I have lots to learn, I’m pleased with the results. (The bird image is a stamp, I just watercolored the grass and the blue around it.)


5.) This may very well be the ONLY selfie I’ll ever share. I was having an exceptionally good hair day (not to brag) and wanted to document it. And, no, my hair isn’t red: I was standing under the lights in our bathroom.

db hair

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

~These Days Of Mine~