Random Five Friday

It’s been another busy week here at the “wildlife refuge”.

1.) While my niece, Donna, was visiting last week, she, Marshall and I were standing out in front of our garage, talking one morning.  We heard a sound, seeming to come from inside the garage. We discovered that “New Swan” was tapping on the side door with his beak. Motor Man has teased me for a long time, saying that he expects the swan to ring the door bell. Guess that will be next.

swan 7-21-2015 8-25-29 PM

2.) It’s been hot here recently.  Really hot.  So hot that bunnies have resorted to digging little cool-off spots in the dirt. Love his little stretched-out hind legs.

bunny1 8-3-2015 6-39-12 PM 8-3-2015 6-39-12 PM

3.) We rarely see this many waterfowl gathered at one time.  This was during evening’s golden hour earlier this week.

waterfowl 8-3-2015 7-13-29 PM

4.) When I shared this next photo on my Facebook page, my caption was: “Liriope: it’s what’s for dinner”.

deer and liriope 8-5-2015 6-17-57 PM

(But, yes,  he’s adorable….) And a friend commented that, because of his “careful” pruning, the liriope will come back even thicker next year.

deer through trees 8-5-2015 6-18-40 PM

5.) Bluebirds may possibly be my favorite of all birds. They’re so quick, it’s rare for me to get a picture of one. I’m happy this one posed for a minute.

bluebird 7-30-2015 4-03-39 PM

Bonus: “wild child”.  Well, she had just attacked the table leg, so she qualifies.

sundae and table leg 7-30-2015 7-47-30 AM

Anything wild in your neck of the woods?

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. LOVE your ‘wildlife’ – knocking at the door? I’d be listening for the doorbell too. We have had a red fox, deer, bluebirds, hummingbirds, squirrels, rabbits, and LOTS of dragonflies lately. The number of dragonflies has surprised us. GREAT Random Friday.

  2. Super photos as always…..nothing wild here – just peaceful and happy summer days.


  3. With temperatures in the mid-90’s for 50+ days, our bunnies are sprawled out too! Great photos, Dianna!

  4. This is one of my favorite postings (wonder why) WILDLIFE! I live on a 200 acre farm and Keen’s Wildlife Refuge seriously challenges my place for diversity of fauna!.Especially nice was the gold highlights on the evening pictures of the sweet belly cooling bunny, chatting birds. ..Just a lovely post. Oh, great picture of the blue bird, and you know I love the popping rocking fawn! Have a great weekend -and I know you will!

  5. Brenda Hodgson

    I love all the photos! The bunny is so sweet!

  6. I’ve got a wild puppy! She’s keeping me on my toes! Great photos of all your wild neighbors.

  7. New swan’s now ‘knocking’ at the door? That cracks me up! Dianna, I think all of these critters find their way into your yard because they know a kind, gentle soul lives there with her honey of a MM.

  8. Sundae, even though mes gone fishing, mes still reading my emails, and when mes saw yous being a “Wild Child” mes just had to says “Hi”!
    And that swan, knocking on your door, does yous has a new suitor?

  9. A great assortment for today !
    Maybe new swan thinks he’s the raven .. tapping at the door ? ; )
    I’ve always said it’s Wild Kingdom around there sometimes !

  10. 1)New Swan is a smart beauty. I agree the doorbell might be next. lol
    2)That’s a relaxed bunny. It knows a cool safe spot for resting.
    3)For some reason that group of pretty waterfowl reminds me of flowers.
    4)What a cute gardener fawn. That’s wonderful that it’s helping your lirirope to flourish.
    I saw our resident deer(s) and fawn the other evening. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera handy.
    5)Blue birds are such jolly little creatures. I agree they’re super fast. Great shot.
    (bonus)Sundae is an adorable wild-child, she’s so precious.
    Wishing you a fabulous weekend. 🙂

  11. That little Bluebird is darling… it’s our state bird 🙂 Great capture!
    Nothing wild going on at our place, pretty quiet today… Thankfully!

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I always look forward to your wild life pictures, Chuck and I enjoy our birds, squirrels and bunnies in our yard but being in the city no deer, so far. Have a nice weekend.

  13. Love your pictures today as always and could not pick a favorite “wild” one. The bluebird is beautiful. I have not seen one for awhile so it was nice to see one!

  14. What a grand array of enviable wildlife photos Dianna! You do have “an eye”. I love the flat out bunny shot and the shy bluebird and the landscaping deer baby trimming your liriope. Wow! Thanks for sharing.

  15. This swan apparently is making himself right at home! You have all kinds of wildlife out there. To be in a defenseless position, the bunny must feel safe. I’ve never seen bluebirds here, but have at my daughter’s. I’m glad to hear the deer is actually helping your liriope!

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