Sunday Supper

During my childhood (and beyond), the mid-day meal was known as “dinner”, and the evening meal was “supper”. Through the years, they’ve become “lunch” and “dinner” respectively. And I suppose those terms do sound a bit more sophisticated, but the word “supper” brings back many fond memories for me.

Last night, Motor Man alerted me to the fact that we had “supper” guests. You may have to study this picture closely: there’s a lot going on here. (I apologize for the reflections. I snapped this through our bedroom window.)  In it, Mama deer has been caught dining on my liriope. And did you see baby deer in the lower right corner of the picture, learning from her example?

Earlier in the day, I noticed the liriope and wondered how it had survived this long. Foolishly, I assumed it was safe tucked away in that forest of celosia.

Yes, you’re busted, Missy. But you’re also beautiful.

And as for your little one, who one day will “grow into” those ears….

Well, what can I say?

Thanks for stopping by for Sunday supper.

~These Days Of Mine~





12 responses to “Sunday Supper

  1. What lovely dinner guests……a neighbor said to me the other day that she’s stopped worrying about the deer eating from her garden – she said seeing them was 100% more beautiful than any flower she was growing. That little one has a lot of growing to do before she fits those ears that’s for sure!


  2. So sweet!!

  3. You sure do put on a good supper spread. What wonderful/convicting pictures of the duo.

  4. They are beautiful, eventhough they are destroying your liriope. I love the face forward photo of the fawn. How can you resist those big eyes and ears? I miss the days of seeing them in the fields at dusk. Love you!

  5. They must’ve heard there was good food in Wild Kingdom !
    great pics !

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What beauties they are. Guess who’s coming to supper.

  7. Oh my, they are adorable, especially the baby. You can’t even get mad at them for snacking in your lovely garden.

  8. I’ve your supper guests. Great shots Dianna!

  9. They are such beautiful creatures, and always naughty little nibblers!

  10. Oh those supper eaters who really aren’t invited guests, they do like the buffet at your house. But they do give you good poses for the camera.

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