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Believe It Or Not

At the end of 2011, Word Press (the site which hosts my blog) sent out annual reports with all sorts of statistics about my blog.

These included how many folks visited my site last year, a general idea of where they live (by percentages), my top commenters, most often viewed posts, etc.  I was quite surprised by one of the statistics and thought there must be some mistake.

My two most often read posts were the two that were Freshly Pressed. When a post is Freshly Pressed, it is among about a dozen or so to be featured on the home page of Word Press on a particular day.

This happened in April of last year with Saturday’s Storm.

And again, in June, with Sixty-Nine Years.

Being Freshly Pressed meant that over 2,000 people visited my blog on each of those two days. (Talk about skewing your numbers!?) But I made some great blogging friends who discovered my site during that time.

The statistic that puzzled me was this:  according to Word Press, my third most often viewed post was this one from October 2010 entitled Street Rods – Part 2 -Rat Rods. I just did not think this was possible. When I wrote that post, I’d only been blogging about a month.

And that post only has 3 (THREE) comments. How could it possibly be one of my most frequently viewed posts?

Then I began watching my daily stats. Even now, that particular post is viewed EVERY DAY. Most days, it has just a handful of visits, but one day last week, 19 folks visited that page. In one day. And it appears that folks are being lead to that post as a result of typing “rat rods” into a search engine.

If you aren’t familiar with rat rods, and don’t have a chance to read that popular post, here’s an example of a rat rod:

So, now I know. It’s rat rods that are popular, not my post about them. That post is just along for the ride.