Sixty-nine Years

Today is Motor Man’s parents’ anniversary.  They’ve been married 69 years. Sixty-nine years.  That’s a milestone not many couples reach.

On their wedding day in 1942:

Theirs is an interesting story: they married when she was 15, he was 20.  He shipped overseas (World War II) when Motor Man was just a few days old and returned 16 months later.  They’ve raised four children and have always been very active in their community.  Years ago, they travelled quite a bit, both in the U.S. and to many foreign countries. In recent years, they’ve become inseparable and are rarely out of each other’s sight.

Yesterday, they celebrated their anniversary with a little informal party at home. 

They cut the wedding cake.

And drank champagne.

 I didn’t get many pictures of their guests, focusing instead on them. Motor Man’s sister took this as we were leaving.

When I think of their children and grandchildren, their spouses, and the three great grandchildren, I’m reminded of the little saying:

All because two people fell in love.”

101 responses to “Sixty-nine Years

  1. What a lovely tribute to a loving couple. And a great “war-time” love story. So glad they could celebrate all these years together.

  2. This is a wonderful story. I can’t imagine being married for that long. This is also a very nice pic of all of you!!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful. I hope we can all be so lucky to last that long in our marriage, especially when marrying at 15 years old! Can you imagine? What a beautiful story and photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How beautiful. What a lovely story! Very nice picture of you all.
    Married at 15…hard to imagine. I had a great aunt who married when she was 13 and her husband was 17! I was 13 when they celebrated their 50th anniversary and I remember just looking at their wedding picture, imagining being married at the age I was then. I really couldn’t!

  5. that is really sweet. God bless them (and it seems He has…)

  6. Such a sweet story! When family is good, it’s very, very good! Really love the old picture!

  7. really sweet photos and story. my parents were married in 1943 and i came along in 44 exactly 1 year later. they got married on mothers 18th birthday and daddy was 30, grand mother not happy, said it will never work, it did and here we are. mother died in 1990 at age 63 and daddy in 2006 at 93, but their marriage worked.
    the car in the photo with my husband is not ours, we were at a car show. he says to tell you he had a 32 vicki and it was his first race car and was never beat. that was way back when. he wishes he still had it. thanks for stopping by, and yes, i do forget where i go to and from in blog land.

  8. Such a wonderful couple and still so in love. I love to see them together. It was a happy day. Thanks for including us.

  9. Hi Dianna, what a lovely tribute to your grandparents. I really enjoyed reading their story and seeing the beautiful photos. What a brave young couple…I can’t imagine marrying at age 15, I barely knew what I was doing when I married at age 25! Thanks for sharing their story.

  10. I’m so glad you wrote about this. I know from one of your comments they have been on your mind. Always a surprise when I drop in! You mother-in-law looks absolutely wonderful in her blue and her handsome husband is as tall as ever. You really find something to celebrate every day. 69 years is extraordinary!

  11. A huge milestone, indeed. They are both just adorable! Thank you for sharing their story with the rest of us. So touching.

  12. Love this! My husband and I were just talking about couples who’ve been married forever and ever last night. I was saying how after that many years together, they probably know what the other is about to do or say before they ever say or do it.

    Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple!

  13. Wow! What a neat story! I love the saying…”all because 2 people fell in love”. Just think how many lives were lived/changed because of that!

  14. What a beautiful story, and legacy–longevity and true love. Blessings and continued good health to them. Thanks for sharing, my heart is full.

  15. Wow… I cannot imagine 69 years together. Congrats to them! My husband’s boss and his wife are celebrating 64 years today. They weren’t quite 15 when they married, but still young! My husband’s boss, Glenn, runs his 6500 acre farm, working every single day. Maybe it’s the secret to their long marriage 🙂

  16. It was a very nice celebration, and an amazing story. It’s always a delight being around the two of them, especially for a milestone like this one!! Happy Anniversary ..!

  17. What a sweet love story, and they’re still going strong after 69 years. Happy Fabulous Anniversary! 🙂

  18. This is an encouraging story, as Ward and I met and fell in love,also. On the 30th. ours will be 55 years and I thought that was a long time!!!!–……………….Enjoyed our afternoon!!!!!!—-jj

  19. That is a milestone!! I feel old and they were married the year after I was born. lol Congratulations to them! It’s so wonderful that they spend time together.

  20. This is such a heart warming thing to share with us. What you said about them, “…rarely out of each others sight”, that just did me in.

  21. 69 years of love and affection is just very endearing. Congratulations on their anniversary. I wish I can be like them when me and my wife grow old. Such a sweet post.

  22. This was very beautiful story. I can totally see my husband and I being married for that long. We have only been married 4 1/2 years so we have a long way to go. He comes from a long line of ‘forever love’. My mother in law was 15 when she married my father in law who was 18. They would have celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary on April 20th, but sadly my father in law passed away on April 4th due to cancer. My husband’s grandparents are going on 60 sometimes wedding anniversary. Not a lot of marriages last long anymore and I think that is too sad. Thanks for the post. :0)

  23. What a lovely post and beautiful pictures. Couples such as they are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing their special day.

  24. congrats on a super 69th wedding anniversary.

  25. OMGoodness, you have done it again. Congraulations on being FP’d.

  26. Congrats! I like the fact they are even more inseparable than ever.

  27. Dianna! Fresh pressed on such a beautiful story to boot! Congrats!! My Grandparents were married 73 sweet years … truly a role model for us all.

    Happy day! MJ

  28. God Bless both of them, a great post. Thank you for sharing.

  29. So I blog about my divorce…but after reading this post, I just feel sad! I always thought I’d be one of “those couples” — your pix are absolutely adorable and heartwarming.


    Wishing many more years of bliss to the beautiful couple…


  30. Oh my God!!! That´s a dream. Congrats!!! God blessed them and all their familiy. Marriages today should follow their example. Sure they faced many obstacles and went through very difficult situations, but still have gone ahead. This shows his perseverance, determination and love they share. Shalom

  31. Great post….my parents had their 50th Aniv. last year, unfortunately, my mom died 4 months later….so this post reminded me of them….greetings

  32. They are truely blessed. Beautiful

  33. What a beautiful story, Looks like a wonderful day!

  34. Lovely! My wife and I have 68 more to go… I knew I should’ve married her at 15!

  35. Nice post! I love old family photos. And 69 years!

  36. What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing your Family with us.

  37. that’s great! congrats to them! my husband and i will be celebrating our 4 years tomorrow. i guess we have a long ways to go!

  38. i imagine most people would be about 900 before they would have a marriage that lasts that long. I’m so thrilled for them. wish them good luck for us!

  39. Wow, this is such a beautiful post! Sixty-nine years…wow. I can’t even imagine! Congratulations to them both! 😀

    And Congratulations to you as well for being Freshly Pressed!

  40. Nice love story! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Jochebed Koanting

    This story is really lovely and beautiful. Not many couples achieve such an anniversary. Their story is really inspiring. I hope to get married one day and (please God help me) try to stay together forever
    Thank you for sharing this story with us

  42. So much love in one post! Congratulations to a couple!!
    Lots of love!!

  43. What a lovely post! Congratulations to all of you!

  44. 69 years… wow. Amazing. It truly is. I teared up when I read the quote “All because two people fell in love”… so true.

  45. Aw…this makes my heart feel nostalgic. So beautiful.

  46. Happy anniversary to them! I love seeing old, happy couples! My parents are at 41 years and counting!

  47. “All because two people fell in love.” and have the courage to believe in their love for better or worse…

    Congrats to the 69th grand anniversary…

  48. That is definitely something to write about! Romance at its finest 🙂

  49. Thank you for sharing this precious day! Sixty-nine years of love, wow!

  50. Stories like these still reassures me that the world is still full of people who are dedicated and all-around pretty awesome. 🙂

  51. That is quite the milestone indeed! Congratulations to the adorable couple! 🙂

  52. Charles blott


  53. My boyfriend’s grandparents reached their 60th last year, so I totally understand the feeling of awe you got. They got a card from the Queen for it! Congratulations to them!

    And congrats to you on freshly pressed!

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  55. Loved this post! So sweet. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Beautiful story, thank you for sharing!

    They looks so happy and comfortable with each other…

  57. Miss Rosemary

    Absolutely precious. I love stories like theirs and hope to one day be so fortunate.

  58. Very nice tribute… we can all only hope to make it that long!

  59. what a beautiful story. God Bless.

  60. A lovely story! Something to aspire to. Been married 26 years. Glad there are still some good marriages left out there!

  61. My mom and dad married both at the age of 17. They’ve been married for 36 years now and I just couldn’t wait to see them grow more in love with each other for the next 33 years and beyond. Your love and commitment to each other is such an inspiration to us all. God Bless!

  62. sallyjeangenter

    Simply beautiful. The old picture caught my eye since I’d just rummaged through similar ones of my parents. Glad to see your parents still enjoying one another. Mine are both gone now. God bless!

  63. Even though im 15 i hope i get to be married with some one for that long

  64. wow… that’s great! happy to your family 🙂

  65. My Mom married at such an age-,-‘ 19 and i’m still angry for it.

  66. Congratulations!!!
    A beautiful and inspiring story…

  67. Cocktails of History and Prose

    That is the cutest picture of them! All of them, but specifically in 1942. I am a WWII buff and currently writing a novel from that time period. I have a few short stories on my blog about WWII, but probably not enough. And probably not enough about marriage either. Loved this post.

  68. What a beautiful couple 🙂

  69. this is so inspiring to remain married and feel the bliss of love..

  70. What a lovely couple. May God bless them until the death do them apart.

  71. I adored reading this! I have been married for six months and while we’re living 12,952 km apart right now, this makes me think that this year apart will (hopefully) just be a blip in one of many years together. I hope that we stay married as long as your grandparents. Amazing story, thanks for sharing.

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  73. wow, I hope we can do that.

  74. It’s really a wonderful example to us youngsters.

  75. very inspiring. and i love that photo of their wedding day. thanks for sharing!

  76. Terra dos Aromas

    A true love story 🙂

  77. Wow, Motor Man’s parents are so lucky to be married for 69 years and congratulations to the parents. Motor Man is one lucky chap to have parents who love each other for so long and I hope that will last for eternity 🙂 My parents have been married for nearly 29 years and I hope they too would live to see 30th, 40th and beyond many wedding anniversaries to come. Nowadays 69 years of marriage is so rare to find but still it is something to be happy about.

  78. What an encouragement in these days when not even many couples last more than 10 years. May Father the Creator, continue to bless their love. ; )

  79. really sweet. God bless them

  80. I like this so much. 69 years together and never out of each other’s sight…. “all because two people fell in love”!

  81. really an inspiration. hoping me and my wife could celebrate many years together as these great couple had. keep the love burning!

  82. Lovely!
    You were lucky to share that moment and to understand it so well.

    …by the way, congrats for being Freshly Pressed.

  83. There are no commments left for me to make that have not been made above……I cried….this is lovely…I hope to be married to my husband for at least 50. We married later, I was 28, he was 37. For us to make 69 years he will have to live to 105! And he could. We are also very inseperable. If I am not at work or visiting my Mom, we are usually together doing something. And I am very thankful for that b/c I came from a long line of parental divorces (both Mom and Dad) so I was worried I might not be able to stay married. But almost 18 years later, I think I have it figured out! Great chioce for Freshly Pressed! Thanks for sharing!!! AmberLena

  84. What a heart-warming story, and what a lovely couple to show people used to stick together as the vows enjoin: “… till death do us part.” Congratulations to you, Marshall. You’ve got good example to live up to.

  85. Ah to grow old together…that is a hope and prayer my husband and I have. This inspirational couple show a good marriage is a taste of Heaven…

  86. that’s awesome!

  87. wow! I wish ours will reach that long too. That’s what we called true love.

  88. A true testament to love and commitment. Thank you for sharing.

  89. Susan Burt Smelser

    I so love this story. Remember Mrs. Williams, our 7th grade teacher? She & her husband were married for over 75 years. Let’s see, if Dan & I celebrate a 69th anniversary I will be 102 and he will be 105

  90. So rare, sweet and precious! Motor Man is a lucky man! 🙂

  91. They make me feel happy, caring for each other all these years 😀 , I hope the best for all 🙂

  92. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    God bless them. So sweet. Chuck and I only have 34 more years to go to reach
    that wonderful place, God willing.

  93. What a lovely story they have become! All the best to them, and congrats on making it this far. Quite an accomplishment!

  94. realanonymousgirl2011

    That’s absolutely amazing! I don’t think I’ll make it 69 years for an anniversary. My husband is almost 40, he’d be ancient by then.

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