Celebrating… Our Cats

Saturday was International Cat Day. So, today, I thought I’d share a few photos of our kitties.

First, Gypsy continues in her role as the ‘boss lady’ at our shop. Here she is hard at work in her private office.

Of course, there is always the dreaded board bored meeting to attend.

Our home cat, Sundae, has started going to ‘overnight kitty camp’. Sundae has never realized that she has an inside voice.  And quite often, she decides at 3 a.m. that there’s something urgent she needs to tell us. (She also does this at various times during the day, and we’ve never determined what that something is.) So she’s recently been spending nights in our guest room at the opposite end of the house from our bedroom.  She’s adjusting quite well, and Motor Man and I are sleeping much better. She’s so excited and happy to see us every morning, and judging from the amount of stretching she does then, I think she’s sleeping better, too.

Her bed is outfitted with a vintage quilt handmade by one of my aunts.

Meanwhile, Marshall’s kitties continue to entertain, and he often shares pics of them.

Here are sister, Chessie, and brother, Snugg, enjoying a relaxing Sunday morning on the deck.

Marshall’s cat, Screamer, waiting to go inside and enjoy the a/c. When Marshall sent this picture,  I commented that Scream appeared to have melted.

This is Screamer’s daughter, Sibyl, who’s a very sweet kitty. She’s about two years old, but still very tiny.

I guess you could say that everyday is cat day for our family.

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11 responses to “Celebrating… Our Cats

  1. I adore your cats! They certainly make life more fun!

  2. Lexa comes up on chest or chair arm talking to me in that urgent voice. She wants me to pet her and tell her it’s ok if she eats. Then, she jumps down and goes to eat out of her living room food bowl.

  3. Great photos of the family felines. I’m glad Sundae has adjusted to “going to camp” at night. Teddy prefers his basement “camp” to being on the bed with a loudly snoring Dad. Everybody gets rest! I’m all for that too!


  4. aw, they are wonderful, and thanks for sharing them with us

  5. Wonderful pictures! Love all of these! And good point, I think every day is cat day here too!! >^..^< ♥

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The pictures of the kitties are great. They all are very happy and content kitties. They know good homes when they have them.

  7. Do you think they all realize they ‘got it made’ ? from these pics, I’d say: YES!

  8. Lucky kitties, all of them!

  9. You have very cute kitties.

  10. What fun all of your cats are – they pose perfectly. And I agree that they seem to know they have it made. Almost makes me wish I had one – almost!!!

  11. Wonderful photos of your cats. Thank you for sharing them.

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