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Chessie Revealed!

Friday, I shared this photo and challenged you to find Marshall’s kitty, Chessie.

 hidden chessie

So, how did you do?  Did you find Chessie?

hidden chessie disclosed

She was quite well hidden, wasn’t she? Here’s a close-up.

hidden chessie disclosed

 Marshall also shared this photo that he took recently of Chessie, taking time to ” “stop and smell the roses flowers”.


And just hangin’ out with her brother, Snugg.


Marshall seems to have a knack for catching great photos of his kitties.  I’m glad he likes to share.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Seriously. Where DOES the time go? How did it get to be Friday again so quickly? Oh well, if it’s Friday, it must be time for R5F:

1.) Earlier in the summer, I purchased a moonflower vine from our local florist. I planted it out in our yard by a little section of fence, with big plans for the vine to cover said fence. The deer were SO appreciative of the tasty greenery I planted just for them, they practically devoured it the first night. All that remained was a tiny twig, so I dug it up, re-planted it in a pot, found a small trellis, and placed it on our deck.  Safe from Bambi and family, it began to grow, and finally,we now have moonflowers.

moonflower 10-1-2014 5-36-33 PM

2.) Yesterday, my friend, Bev, and I had planned to go shelling around mid-morning. While I was putting the finishing touches on my blog post around 6:30, I heard rain on the roof. Uh-oh. But I remembered my Mom’s old saying: “Rain before 7, sun by 11”. Sure enough, by 7:30, the shower had passed, and the sun was shining, but you can still see rain on the deck in this picture.

deck 10-2-2014 7-26-02 AM

 3.) We had a great shelling trip; we found a few nice shells and some sea glass and coral. After the earlier shower, it turned out to be an excellent morning for beachcombing.

4.) Last week, Motor Man and I had dinner with three of my former classmates.  I’ve been back in touch with Shirley and Donna (standing behind the two of us) for a few years now. But Rita, far left, moved out of the area when we were in elementary school. She and I hadn’t seen each other in (gasp) 50 years! Wait, that has to be a typo….

5 of us19-26-2014 7-41-032 9-26-2014 7-41-31 PM

5.) And because it seems that we MUST have a kitty photo on R5F, here’s Braveheart, a BIG kitty Motor Man and I met earlier this week.  He’s the greeter at a machine shop where we’d gone to pick up a part. If you don’t pay attention to Braveheart, he reaches out his paw to let you know he doesn’t like to be neglected. He’s a gentle soul, though, and, thankfully, doesn’t scratch.

braveheart 9-29-2014 9-40-49 AM

Happy weekend! I’m off to start collecting randoms for next Friday: it will be here before we know it…

~These Days Of Mine~

The Not-For-Christmas Gift

Several years ago, Motor Man decided that we needed a nice camera, so we bought our first Nikon. After a few years (and many, many photos), we saw the dreaded “shutter error” message.  Rather than sending it off for repairs, we bought another camera.

A few weeks ago, we thought about that camera sitting unused in the closet, and decided to have it repaired and give it to Marshall. Since it wasn’t NEW, we didn’t want it to actually be a Christmas gift. So we gave it to him last week.

I’ve shared some of Marshall’s photos here in the past. Here are a couple of new ones, but bear in mind that these were  taken BEFORE he was given the Nikon.  He has a small digital camera, but I really think these were taken with his cell phone.


Marshall’s kitty, “Snugg”, pretending to be in the jungle

Snuggles (a.k.a. Snugg) is one of Marshall’s favorite subjects to photograph. Snugg likes to pose for Marshall.

snugg on hall rack

Although we haven’t had a lot of winter weather yet, Marshall took this one morning last week (from inside his car) of the frost on the windshield.

frost 12-18-2013

I’m anxious to see what photos Marshall captures with his not-new camera.

~These Days Of Mine~