Chessie Revealed!

Friday, I shared this photo and challenged you to find Marshall’s kitty, Chessie.

 hidden chessie

So, how did you do?  Did you find Chessie?

hidden chessie disclosed

She was quite well hidden, wasn’t she? Here’s a close-up.

hidden chessie disclosed

 Marshall also shared this photo that he took recently of Chessie, taking time to ” “stop and smell the roses flowers”.


And just hangin’ out with her brother, Snugg.


Marshall seems to have a knack for catching great photos of his kitties.  I’m glad he likes to share.

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Chessie Revealed!

  1. Great photos of Marshall’s photogenic kitties!


  2. Chess and Snug are cute. Did you see my cat poem called, “Side by Side,” Dianna? It was about 2 calicos I am cat-sitting. 🙂

  3. Ah…why didn’t I see that before? Cute pictures!

  4. He definitely has a knack! Love the picture of the two of them together just posing and acting like “we’re cool”.

  5. Even circled I cannot see it! But sure is a cute pair of bookend kitties. Their yard is a marvelous garden for cats to roam, and it his sure has been the season for butterflies, dragonflies,and grasshoppers oh my!

  6. I still say that they just know what to do when a camera is brought out !

  7. I found it on Friday….had it right too.
    Was well hidden…

  8. Never did find Chessie so I am happy you did the enlargements. Beautiful!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I couldn’t find Chessie either until someone said where she was hiding. I am pretty sure, Marshall got his good shots skill from his Mother!

  10. It like trying to find an invisible cat. lol
    These kitties are so sweet. Thanks for sharing your Grandkittens with us. 🙂

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