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Busy Little Boy

My niece, Gail, and her little boy, Jase, came to visit yesterday. He had a busy day. When they arrived, I gave him a new Rudolph stuffed toy, but he also liked an old teddy bear I had sitting in a little chair. He was soon busy trying to carry both of them around the room.

jase rudolph teddy 12-1-2014 10-57-48 AM

Putting the stuffed animals aside, Jase turned his attention to Sundae as soon as she entered the room. She enjoyed the attention.

jase meets sundae 12-1-2014 10-55-49 AM

Then Jase had lunch with his mommy and me in town.

db gail jase 12-1-2014 11-45-59 AM

After lunch, we visited his cousin, Marshall. Jase “took to” Marshall immediately, and reached both little arms up to be held.

jase reaching for marshall 12-1-2014 12-32-58 PM

Marshall and Jase are third cousins….or first cousins twice removed. Maybe. Marshall’s grandmother would have been Jase’s great-great grandmother. I just love genealogy.

marshall and jase 12-1-2014 12-33-13 PM

Soon it was time for Jase and his mom to leave to visit other relatives. But, first, a good-bye hug for Marshall.

marshall jase gail 12-1-2014 12-41-08 PM

Bye-bye, Jase, you busy little boy!

~These Days Of Mine~

Focusing On The HAPPY

Recently, the news seems to be more depressing – and frightening- than ever. I don’t need to go into detail; our world is so small, you can’t help but hear or read about all that’s happening.

So today, I’ve decided to focus on the HAPPY, as in HAPPY BIRTHDAYS: two of them, in fact.

My dear friend, Pam, has a birthday today, and I’m wishing I didn’t live so far away, so I could help her celebrate. But I’ve promised her that we’ll have a big celebration the next time we’re together, which, I hope will be soon. If you don’t already follow her her cat, Sam’s, blog, One Spoiled Cat, how about stopping by today and leaving her a birthday wish?

pam and dianna 12-11-2013 12-22-42 AM

Also, celebrating his very FIRST birthday today, is my great, great nephew, Jase, whom you may recall I met for the first time in June, when he and his parents visited from the west coast.

Happy Birthday, Jase! Play us some HAPPY music!

jase and xylophone

Yep, today I’m avoiding the news (as much as possible) and focusing on the HAPPY.

~These Days Of Mine~