Busy Little Boy

My niece, Gail, and her little boy, Jase, came to visit yesterday. He had a busy day. When they arrived, I gave him a new Rudolph stuffed toy, but he also liked an old teddy bear I had sitting in a little chair. He was soon busy trying to carry both of them around the room.

jase rudolph teddy 12-1-2014 10-57-48 AM

Putting the stuffed animals aside, Jase turned his attention to Sundae as soon as she entered the room. She enjoyed the attention.

jase meets sundae 12-1-2014 10-55-49 AM

Then Jase had lunch with his mommy and me in town.

db gail jase 12-1-2014 11-45-59 AM

After lunch, we visited his cousin, Marshall. Jase “took to” Marshall immediately, and reached both little arms up to be held.

jase reaching for marshall 12-1-2014 12-32-58 PM

Marshall and Jase are third cousins….or first cousins twice removed. Maybe. Marshall’s grandmother would have been Jase’s great-great grandmother. I just love genealogy.

marshall and jase 12-1-2014 12-33-13 PM

Soon it was time for Jase and his mom to leave to visit other relatives. But, first, a good-bye hug for Marshall.

marshall jase gail 12-1-2014 12-41-08 PM

Bye-bye, Jase, you busy little boy!

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Busy Little Boy

  1. What a lil cutie and the look on his face in the first picture says it all, “Hold on a sec, I gotta get both these bears around!”

    Doesn’t it just melt your heart to see him put his arms up to your son? Does mine 🙂


  2. He is precious. I know you enjoyed your visit. I love your snow on your blog. Will we get any this year?

  3. Thanks for sharing a special day.

  4. Adorable to see Sundae and Jase together. I bet Jase looks up to Marshall literally and figuratively.

  5. This is a sweet sweet post Dianna! Handsome cousins, teddy bears, Sundae and LUNCH!

  6. What a cutie! It looks like it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

  7. What an adorable set of pigtures and handsome little hooman!

  8. Precious pictures and memory-making visit.

  9. Love spending time with “little people”. He’s so cute.

  10. He was all over the place – so much to see in our shop! .. I perched him on my leg, but he didn’t stay for long !

  11. Such a sweetie! Looks like you (and Marshall) had a great visit with them. Nothing more fun than a little one around — and I can’t wait for our little one to arrive. 🙂

  12. They are busy at that age. We need that energy to keep up with them!

  13. Good grief! Twice removed or not he’s a keeper. He and Marshall have similar eyes. Too bad Marshall doesn’t have children of his own. He’d be a great father!

  14. Jase is a real charmer! Looks like Sundae and Marshall fell under his spell.

  15. What an adorable little guy!!!! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a bundle of joy! He certainly enjoyed himself. Such a cutie.

  17. Great! I never understand those cousin relationships, Dianne, once, twice, three times removed. Marshall looks like a sweetheart!

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