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Random Five Friday

First Friday in February; let’s have some randoms:

1.) Motor Man and I had yet another celebration yesterday for our anniversary.  We made a day trip to the beach, saw 14 horses and ate sandwiches in our vehicle while looking out at the ocean. (Written in the heart is “we still do. 02-02-17)


2.) We’ve noticed that the sky has been lavender several times this week.  Pretty, but unusual.


3.) And how about this smooth water?  As Motor Man says, “we could run a hydroplane {boat} race out here today!”


4.)This past week, I had reason to call our cable/internet company about a new modem we’d purchased. I know they usually get a bad rap as far as customer service, but I was very pleased with the young man I spoke with on the phone, as well as the one who came to fix the issue.

5.) Today, I’m having lunch with two of my nephews and my niece (their sister) to celebrate her birthday, which is Sunday. I’m looking forward to our visit. Happy Birthday, Barb!

My niece, Barb, and me

My niece, Barb, and me, circa 1968

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~


Gray Day On The Beach

Motor Man and I celebrated our anniversary yesterday on the Outer Banks. It was a gray morning, but the sun managed to briefly peek through the clouds.

sun thru clouds 2-2-2014 7-39-13 AM

Let me ask you: just how do you draw a heart in the sand? A heart with legible writing inside….and without footprints? (I guess I need to Google that. Or check Pinterest.)  In any event, here’s my feeble attempt. Thankfully, it appears that the wave is about to overtake it.

heart 2-2-2014 8-07-55 AM

The weather may have been gloomy, and my “heart in the sand” attempt a flop, but we set up our tripod for an anniversary photo anyway.

jrdb 2-2-2014 8-07-00 AM

It’s rare that we don’t see any horses while we’re on the beach, but that was the case yesterday.  However, we did stop so I could visit Aggie on our way home. She was happy to see me treats.

db and aggie 2-2-2014 10-51-14 AM

Motor Man and I thank you for all the anniversary wishes on yesterday’s blog post. We’ve already started making memories for next year’s slideshow.

~These Days Of Mine~