Random Five Friday

First Friday in February; let’s have some randoms:

1.) Motor Man and I had yet another celebration yesterday for our anniversary.  We made a day trip to the beach, saw 14 horses and ate sandwiches in our vehicle while looking out at the ocean. (Written in the heart is “we still do. 02-02-17)


2.) We’ve noticed that the sky has been lavender several times this week.  Pretty, but unusual.


3.) And how about this smooth water?  As Motor Man says, “we could run a hydroplane {boat} race out here today!”


4.)This past week, I had reason to call our cable/internet company about a new modem we’d purchased. I know they usually get a bad rap as far as customer service, but I was very pleased with the young man I spoke with on the phone, as well as the one who came to fix the issue.

5.) Today, I’m having lunch with two of my nephews and my niece (their sister) to celebrate her birthday, which is Sunday. I’m looking forward to our visit. Happy Birthday, Barb!

My niece, Barb, and me

My niece, Barb, and me, circa 1968

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Congrats again—I love your random roundup of what is going on. Makes me feel like I am right there with you! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Have a randomly fun Friday and weekend!


  3. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You almost got the perfect anniversary. One more horse siting and it would have been 15! One for every married year. Right?
    My random Friday will consist of getting random appliances delivered to our new house!

  5. Have a great weekend! Love this Random 5!

  6. The smooth water in that photo looks just like glass. Beautiful. Have a great weekend and keep on celebrating!

  7. Beautiful glass marina water and a perfect mirror image. Great Anniversary and Happy Birthday, Barb!

  8. 15 years !! Happy Anniversary !!
    I’ve noticed that color in the evening skies, too-
    wednesday night was indigo !
    Great mirror effect on the water ..

  9. Happy Anniversary. Love the pictures of your weekend in Vermont and your trip to see your horses. Keep up the celebrations and Happy Birthday Barb.

  10. You two are SO cute!!♥ Love all the pics Hope you have a wonderful weekend with family!!:)

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    My favorite picture is of you and JR on the beach. Hope you had a good day with your nephews and niece.

  12. I love seeing your photos and seeing some of what you are enjoying. Makes it all seem so much more real, especially the wild and not-so-wild life! Thank you

  13. We LOVE your Friday Five this week and Happy belated Anniversary!
    Nellie and Mommy!

  14. Lovely lavender sky; and I can’t believe how still that water is.

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