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Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, five random thoughts.

1.)  Our weather for the past couple of weeks has been just about perfect.  Sunny with daytime temps in the low 80’s, crisp, cool-ish nights, low humidity and spectacular skies. I took this picture with my cell phone Tuesday evening during golden hour.


2.) I’m not the only one enjoying the nice weather: my company for Wednesday evening’s sunset.

swan reflected 9-16-2015 7-03-15 PM

3.) This is one of three “outback” kitties at our shop.  Anyone familiar with ears like that?  The other two kitties won’t get near me, but this one comes when I’m putting out food for them and allows me to get fairly close.

outback kitty

4.) I’m tempted to take a picture each time I see one of my little hummies these days. I know they’ll soon be on their way south for the winter. This one was visiting recently during morning’s golden hour.

hummie2 9-14-2015 7-57-38 AM

5.) Five years ago this week, I registered my blog with WordPress. My first post, This House Has My Heart, was published on September 20, and has a whopping two whole comments.  Five years of blogging: that’s a lotta words and pictures. I’ve made many, many friends, some of whom I’ve been fortunate enough to meet in person. Although I  sometimes struggle for blog topics, I really can’t imagine NOT blogging.  Thanks to  all of you for stopping in to visit.

Happy  weekend!

~These Days Of Mine!