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Random Five Friday

A mainly “wild” Random Five today:

1.) As we were leaving home recently, we noticed this deer having our neighbor’s  begonias for dinner.  Motor Man took this picture, since the deer was on his side of the vehicle.  I cropped it in order to show the deer better.  They’re pretty creatures, but  they do wreak havoc on our plants.

deer close up 7-3-2015 3-45-17 PM

2.) Another deer story: Motor Man and I sat down to dinner Tuesday evening (yes, friends, we DO eat at home occasionally), and noticed a deer just a foot or two from our kitchen window, dining on a hanging petunia. They’ve also been eating the blooms on my phlox in that same area. And yesterday morning, I saw that they’d destroyed my mandevilla that USED to be on that white obelisk in the corner.  So I “constructed a fence”; yeah, we’ll see how much that helps. Obviously, they have now acquired a taste for Liquid Fence. (Update: after erecting the fence, I actually caught a deer RED-HANDED in the forbidden area. Andthe phlox? Nearly demolished. And I know I heard him laughing at my fence design.)

deer fence1

3.) Less destructive is my little herd of ducks.  Earlier this week, I was neglectful and had actually backed out of the driveway without feeding them breakfast.  They quickly came from their normal feeding location in the side yard to flag me down as I was leaving.

ducks 7-6-2015 7-53-34 AM

4.) Not quite wildlife, but some of you may be ready for a Gypsy update.  Most mornings, when Motor Man gets to the shop, Gypsy needs demands attention.  She sits between him and his computer monitor until he reclines in the chair, so she can lie on his chest. (Please excuse Motor Man’s filing system there on the wall.)

 jr and gyp

5.) And an update on Guillermo/William, the tiny foal that was once one of the wild horses of Corolla. (Now that he’s been in the care of humans, he will be adopted rather than returned to the herd.)  I’ve shared this video with my Facebook friends, but thought it might bring a smile to others as well. So happy that little William is enjoying life.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

While We Wait….

Well, winter storm #2 is scheduled to hit us later today.   The weather folks are guessing predicting 2-5 inches for our immediate area. Or 7-10 inches, depending on which tv station you watch.

I can’t help but think that, if my mother were here, she’d have a pretty good idea of what to expect. She’d either say that she wasn’t “studyin’ {worrying} about that storm”, meaning that the storm won’t amount to anything. Or she’d say: “Papa used to say when you see {insert reference to some sign in nature}, we were going to have a heavy snow”, meaning we’d better batten down the hatches.

Yesterday, our high temp was 63. Around sunset, I happened to glance out the window, and immediately ran to get the camera out of my car.

As soon as I stepped out of the door, I took this first picture. I was afraid the sun would slip below those dark clouds, and I’d lose that gorgeous golden light on the marsh.

marina1a 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM

 I’ve taken dozens, maybe hundreds, of photos of the marina in all sorts of weather (and shared many of them with you), but I’ve never seen the colors as vivid as they were yesterday afternoon.

marina 1-27-2014 4-55-10 PM

And the entire time I was taking pictures, these friends were waiting impatiently for corn. (I fed them an extra amount to fortify them for the storm.)

duckies 1-27-2014 4-55-33 PM

The light was changing quickly; the dark blues were becoming more aqua.

snow clouds2 1-27-2014 4-55-26 PM

Quite a change in our weather today. This morning, it’s 26.

And now, we watch and wait…

~These Days Of Mine~

“Breaking Bread”

Most every morning, my little herd of ducks is waiting for their breakfast of corn, served in fine china (Cool Whip bowls). By the way, did you know that there are actually several terms for a group of ducks? They may be referred to as a paddle, a flock, raft, team, badelynge, bunch, or brace. Oh, the wonders of the internet.

duckies 8-23-2013 8-18-46 AM

Although not a leisurely breakfast, they do all seem to share and get along well with each other.  It’s difficult to tell in the picture, but of all these, there’s only one male.

Saturday afternoon, I glanced out and saw Bride Swan. By the time I reached her (with bread),  the ducks were all there, too.  Then Groom Swan came swimming in and joined the others on land.

db1a 8-24-2013 4-08-39 PM

Everyone’s your friend when you’re passing out free food.

db2 8-24-2013 4-08-41 PM 8-24-2013 4-08-41 PM

“Oh, hi, Motor Man.  I didn’t know you were there – taking pictures!”

hi 8-24-2013 4-08-57 PM

A friend recently sent me the link to an article saying that you shouldn’t feed bread to waterfowl.

last 8-24-2013 4-09-15 PM

Anyone know if Purina makes Swan Chow? And Duck Chow?

Wordless Wednesday – Golden Hour Ducks

…stopping by for breakfast…

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