Random Five Friday

A mainly “wild” Random Five today:

1.) As we were leaving home recently, we noticed this deer having our neighbor’s  begonias for dinner.  Motor Man took this picture, since the deer was on his side of the vehicle.  I cropped it in order to show the deer better.  They’re pretty creatures, but  they do wreak havoc on our plants.

deer close up 7-3-2015 3-45-17 PM

2.) Another deer story: Motor Man and I sat down to dinner Tuesday evening (yes, friends, we DO eat at home occasionally), and noticed a deer just a foot or two from our kitchen window, dining on a hanging petunia. They’ve also been eating the blooms on my phlox in that same area. And yesterday morning, I saw that they’d destroyed my mandevilla that USED to be on that white obelisk in the corner.  So I “constructed a fence”; yeah, we’ll see how much that helps. Obviously, they have now acquired a taste for Liquid Fence. (Update: after erecting the fence, I actually caught a deer RED-HANDED in the forbidden area. Andthe phlox? Nearly demolished. And I know I heard him laughing at my fence design.)

deer fence1

3.) Less destructive is my little herd of ducks.  Earlier this week, I was neglectful and had actually backed out of the driveway without feeding them breakfast.  They quickly came from their normal feeding location in the side yard to flag me down as I was leaving.

ducks 7-6-2015 7-53-34 AM

4.) Not quite wildlife, but some of you may be ready for a Gypsy update.  Most mornings, when Motor Man gets to the shop, Gypsy needs demands attention.  She sits between him and his computer monitor until he reclines in the chair, so she can lie on his chest. (Please excuse Motor Man’s filing system there on the wall.)

 jr and gyp

5.) And an update on Guillermo/William, the tiny foal that was once one of the wild horses of Corolla. (Now that he’s been in the care of humans, he will be adopted rather than returned to the herd.)  I’ve shared this video with my Facebook friends, but thought it might bring a smile to others as well. So happy that little William is enjoying life.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. ‘Your’ ducks definitely know the hand that feeds them – how cute. Not-so-cute are the deer enjoying your plants – Well, cute, but not the damage they do. Little William’s life has sure turned around. So Glad! GREAT random wildlife.

  2. Brenda Hodgson

    So sorry about the deer and your beautiful plants. I love all the pics! The ducks sure are sweet and Gypsy is a sweet girl too! You have a great weekend!

  3. You need to put out a bale of hay at the edge of the woods for your deer…maybe they’ll fill up on that instead of your plants!! Shame on you for not feeding those starving ducks!!! LOL!!!

  4. What a fun post! I think I need to do random 5 posts as well! Great way to wrap up the week. As for your deer—I do love them but they empty feeders, eat flowers and poop all over the place, right? I have had some good luck with spraying my plants with Deer Out spray. It smells pretty horrible but once it is on the plants they have left mine alone instead of treating them like a salad bar. May not work for every deer but it has worked for me here. I know that is going to be an issue at the new house as well as there are ltons of deer in the community. I had better stock up. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

  5. I know it sounds nasty and it smells bad too, but hardware stores w/ garden centers and probably nurseries carry bobcat urine, Ewwww, right? But it will keep the critters, deer, from eating your plants. They also sell liquid fence, but I don’t know if that really works,

  6. Wonderful 5. Love the wildlife and sweet Gypsy girl too.
    I can relate to the deer situation. The deer do tend to steal our hearts then steak our flowers, plants and veggies. Clever critters. lol
    William is so cute. I’m so thankful they were able to save his life. I know he’ll bring much joy and happiness to the lucky humans who get to adopt him. Thanks for sharing the video it made me smile. 🙂
    Hope your weekend is a wonderful one.

  7. Great photo of the deer “laughing” at your attempts to keep her away! Does Gypsy live at the shop?

  8. Looks like you used rope to build your fence. Bill used fishing line and pulled it real tight. Maybe several rows of that will deter. Good luck. So far it has worked for our geese population.

  9. Those deer are tricky…
    & I wonder how far the ducks would’ve followed ?!
    Motor Man’s expression is priceless..
    & … glad Guillermo is doing better !

  10. The deer are a beautiful plague here too…and the weeds are following. Your duck family are adorable and so is Gypsy. Great randoms as usual. 🙂

  11. Lovely bunch of randomness……deer quickly learn all the tricks we humans come up with to keep them away – their hunger drives them to do some crazy things! I just let them eat away…….I call my garden “The All You Can Eat Buffet”.


  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great R5F! What can we say deer will be deer. I do wish they would stop eating your beautiful plants. 😦 What a miracle William is, I love happy endings. The ducks following you is too funny! Have a good weekend.

  13. The deer are really giving you a time of it this year. The ducks are cute, wondering where their breakfast is. So happy William will have a family to love. I guess Gypsy rules the shop!

  14. We had so many struggles with deer and elk when we lived in the foothills above Denver…they ate almost anything, and always just at peak blooming time! But I have a soft spot in my heart for them. I love seeing the herds and the babies especially. It makes me smile to live where wild animals live without fear. ~ Sheila

    • We saw two tiny fawn running through our yard yesterday afternoon. I have very mixed emotions: how you can be angry with something so beautiful??

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