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Twelve Years


My two sisters were teenagers when I was born. So by the time I was 2 1/2, I was already an aunt. When my youngest niece, Barb, was born, I was 12.

At that time, I hated school so much, that I remember thinking: when Barb starts school, I will have GRADUATED!  I had already calculated that I would graduate in June just before Barb would begin first grade in September. Obviously, when I was 12, getting out of school was paramount in my mind.

Of course, getting out of school was paramount in my mind from the day I started first grade.

I was probably 15 when this picture was taken; Barb was 3. I was still waiting to graduate, and she was waiting to start school.

School is a thing of the past for both of us now. Thank goodness.

Now we just hang out at beach bars.  Just kidding.

Today is Barb’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Barb! Love you!