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Olden Days, Old Friends

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this weekend was the annual Olden Days festival in our little town. It was started in the 1980’s, and although I think it skipped a few years, it’s back, and bigger and better than ever.

Friday evening, our friends, Donna and Shirley, arrived in town. The four of us parked our lawn chairs on the “village green” in front of the Gazebo stage where the concert was set to take place beginning at 7. We walked a few doors down Main Street to the Ice Cream Parlor, easily found a booth and enjoyed a casual dinner.  During our walk and dinner, we saw several folks we knew, including some we hadn’t seen in many years.

After dinner, we strolled along Main, admiring the classic cars on display and, later, enjoyed the concert.

The next morning, Motor Man joined us for breakfast at Taste Of Smithfield, a restaurant on Main Street. Then he took photos of the three of us with our matching “Farmers Market” totes, which I found at T J Maxx.

3 girls 3 totes 6-25-2016 9-03-13 AM

And, of course, Motor Man had to be a bit different when it came time for our picture together.  (It looks as though he’s wearing a butcher’s apron.)

jrdb 6-25-2016 9-03-41 AM

While the girls and I started in the direction of the Farmers Market, Motor Man visited with several guys he knew who had vehicles in the car show.

tractor and cars 6-25-2016 10-22-43 AM

We shopped at the Farmers Market, as well as the Vintage Market, chatted with folks, petted a few dogs….things you do at your typical small town festival.

Then we met John and his 1960 Lincoln.  We listened intently as he told us its story: his mom bought the car for $1,000 at an estate sale (it was valued at the time at $5,000).  But his dad wouldn’t allow her to spend the money on it, so she borrowed it from her parents. John was the youngest of six children, and the only one his mom ever allowed to drive the car. Later, it was relegated to the garage, where John said it served for many years as the “largest shelf” ever.

Years later, John completely and lovingly restored the car (all 19 1/2 feet of it; at the time the longest car ever made).

donna and john 6-25-2016 11-46-12 AM

He then had it transported cross country, so his, at the time, 94-year-mother could see it, and drive it once more.  He told us she cried when she saw it restored to its former beauty.   His mother has since passed away.

Meeting John and hearing his family’s history with that car was one of the highlights of our day.

john and lincoln 6-25-2016 11-41-16 AM

Another Olden Days is in the books. The weather was perfect, the company was fun, and we’re left with special memories of the weekend.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Here are today’s random thoughts from our little corner of the world:

1.) All those early morning and late evenings I spent spraying Liquid Fence have been worth it.  I actually have a decent gladiola crop this year.  In the past, the deer have enjoyed the blooms before I even had a chance. Glads always bring back memories of my grandmother.

glads 6-23-2016 6-41-51 PM

2.) A couple of evenings ago, Sundae was just “hanging around” on the arm of the recliner while I read the paper.  I took this picture of her from an odd angle with my cell phone. (A selfie, of sorts.)  It reminds me of a stodgy old gentleman in a library.  Marshall says she looks as if she’s ready to say: “Oh, yeah?!  Well, let me tell you this….”


3.) Wednesday morning’s sunrise.

sunrise marina 6-22-2016 5-50-38 AM

4.) However, yesterday morning was an entirely different story. We had thunderstorms move through around 8:30.  Later, several people, myself included, said they’d never seen it as dark during daylight hours. It was practically impossible to get a good photo. Although the flash of my camera illuminated the raindrops,  you can also see that our neighbors’ exterior photo-eye lights were triggered by the darkness.

raindrops 6-23-2016 8-35-52 AM

5.) This weekend is the Olden Days Festival in our little town.  It begins tonight with a concert (oldies/beach music), a classic car show and vintage market.  Saturday will be more concerts, along with the car show, vintage market, craft and food vendors and the farmers market. My friends, Donna and Shirley, are arriving this afternoon to attend tonight’s activities with us, spend the night, and “do the town” tomorrow.  Tonight’s weather is a bit iffy, but tomorrow looks great.

You may recall my post about last year’s Olden Days weekend, where I hitched a ride on a picnic table on wheels. Wonder what adventures we’ll have this weekend?

db picnic table on wheels1 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM

What’s your randomness today?

~These Days Of Mine~

A Small Town Weekend

As I mentioned in Friday’s Random Five post, this past weekend was the Olden Days “festival” in our little town. And although the weather forecast was bleak, we actually had a very nice weekend.  The storms didn’t come until late Saturday afternoon, allowing most of the activities to take place under sunny to partly cloudy skies.

As in years past, the kickoff for the weekend was a free concert on the “town square” Friday evening by a local oldies band, The Rhondells. After waiting to decide exactly exactly what the weather was going to do, my friend, Donna, joined us.  A few minutes after she arrived, Liz, a former classmate of ours, who lives about an hour away, texted me to say that she and her husband were also there.  All of a sudden, it was an impromptu mini class reunion.

us3 6-26-2015 8-12-23 PM

Saturday morning, after breakfast with Motor Man, Donna and I took in the Farmers Market, Vintage Alley and classic car show on Main Street. The skies were overcast, but no rain.

main st 6-27-2015 9-38-13 AM

This “rat rod”  has an engine built by my  Motor Man.

rat rod 6-27-2015 9-40-53 AM

Donna met Santa:

donna and santa 6-27-2015 9-42-50 AM

And tried her hand at being a car hop:

donna the carhop 6-27-2015 9-44-13 AM

My adventure began after purchasing this neat old wash tub at the vintage market.

db picnic table1 6-27-2015 10-02-55 AM

Now, you may think that I’m sitting on a picnic table in the above picture. But, actually, that was my transportation (after my wash tub purchase) back to where my car was parked.

It seems that gentleman has built a picnic table on wheels, and was providing a taxi of sorts for folks at Olden Days on Saturday. (I guess now I truly have ridden everything with wheels.)

db picnic table on wheels1 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM 6-27-2015 10-03-38 AM

On our way to my car, someone told my driver that he needed to make his way down the street to the location where the kids’ bike parade was beginning.  They wanted him to LEAD the parade.   And he asked me if I’d like to ride. So we dropped off my wash tub at my car, and away we went. (No, I don’t have photos of that, because I’d left my camera with Donna.) And, since I’d taken off with a stranger driving a picnic table on wheels,  she was mighty worried when I took so long to return.

All in all, a fun weekend.  There’s just nothing quite like living in a small town.

~These Days Of Mine~