Olden Days, Old Friends

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, this weekend was the annual Olden Days festival in our little town. It was started in the 1980’s, and although I think it skipped a few years, it’s back, and bigger and better than ever.

Friday evening, our friends, Donna and Shirley, arrived in town. The four of us parked our lawn chairs on the “village green” in front of the Gazebo stage where the concert was set to take place beginning at 7. We walked a few doors down Main Street to the Ice Cream Parlor, easily found a booth and enjoyed a casual dinner.  During our walk and dinner, we saw several folks we knew, including some we hadn’t seen in many years.

After dinner, we strolled along Main, admiring the classic cars on display and, later, enjoyed the concert.

The next morning, Motor Man joined us for breakfast at Taste Of Smithfield, a restaurant on Main Street. Then he took photos of the three of us with our matching “Farmers Market” totes, which I found at T J Maxx.

3 girls 3 totes 6-25-2016 9-03-13 AM

And, of course, Motor Man had to be a bit different when it came time for our picture together.  (It looks as though he’s wearing a butcher’s apron.)

jrdb 6-25-2016 9-03-41 AM

While the girls and I started in the direction of the Farmers Market, Motor Man visited with several guys he knew who had vehicles in the car show.

tractor and cars 6-25-2016 10-22-43 AM

We shopped at the Farmers Market, as well as the Vintage Market, chatted with folks, petted a few dogs….things you do at your typical small town festival.

Then we met John and his 1960 Lincoln.  We listened intently as he told us its story: his mom bought the car for $1,000 at an estate sale (it was valued at the time at $5,000).  But his dad wouldn’t allow her to spend the money on it, so she borrowed it from her parents. John was the youngest of six children, and the only one his mom ever allowed to drive the car. Later, it was relegated to the garage, where John said it served for many years as the “largest shelf” ever.

Years later, John completely and lovingly restored the car (all 19 1/2 feet of it; at the time the longest car ever made).

donna and john 6-25-2016 11-46-12 AM

He then had it transported cross country, so his, at the time, 94-year-mother could see it, and drive it once more.  He told us she cried when she saw it restored to its former beauty.   His mother has since passed away.

Meeting John and hearing his family’s history with that car was one of the highlights of our day.

john and lincoln 6-25-2016 11-41-16 AM

Another Olden Days is in the books. The weather was perfect, the company was fun, and we’re left with special memories of the weekend.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Olden Days, Old Friends

  1. Great weekend in historic Smithfield for Olden Days with our marvelous hosts! It was humid but no rain as threatened. Lots of people, great live music, people I had not seen for decades to hug and hide wrinkles from. …Lovely walk about at Keene Sanctuary to see beautiful plants and boats on water, birds and animals after nice night, THEN to antiques and street party again!! What are marvelous time with dear friends.Thank you Dianna and Motor Man for a memorable weekend!

  2. Your posts always make me feel happy. Love seeing the photos of your adventures:)

  3. Oh I love that story about John and the car! That is what life is made of—stories of meeting interesting people who have great stories to share. Thanks for such a great post to start my Monday off!

  4. Heartwarming story attached to that old car. How neat! You and your friends sure had a memorable time together. 🙂

  5. Wonderful stories – Smithfield has to be the BEST Small town ever!!!

  6. Dianna,
    It was a pleasure to meet you. Judy and I enjoyed the day as well, speaking to many people who liked the car. This was the 1st show I have attended, but will not be the last.

  7. Great story about the car !
    yep- Olden Days is usually a big hit, and this year was no exception..
    and.. the weather was good !

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What fun you ladies had! Chuck wanted to come to see the cars but he wasn’t feeling well when we got up Saturday. He loves old cars and we were able to go to the one in Suffolk about a month or two ago. May be next year. Love the story that John told you all, how wonderful.

  9. What fun! That car is amazing………it’s hard to imagine cars having been that LONG back in “the day” but like an old friend, restoring them to their former beauty is always a joy for someone who has a connection to it. Glad you had fun – small towns have these traditions thank heavens and its’ part of the reason we love our small town of Warrenton.


  10. Olden Days looks and sounds like fun, especially with friends!

  11. Wonderful good time in the Olden Days. Looks like a good time and a special time was had by all. 🙂

  12. How nice John’s mom got to see it restored. Cute tote bags!

  13. What fun your Olden Days! Wish I had been there with you. 🙂

  14. I loved the story of your day with friends. How lovely to live in a small town where days like this are still observed. I see several of my blogging friend have left comments so I’m now going to join them and follow you

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