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Our Yard In Autumn

Although spring and summer are gone, there are a few plants still growing and blooming around our homeplace.  If I find that something flourishes in a certain place, I’ll take pictures, so that I can remember where the plants are happiest.

I’ve finally gotten muhly grass to survive through the summer, and now we have these beautiful wispy purple “blooms” out by the old boat. Now that it’s established, it shouldn’t need much attention.

This sweet potato vine has been in the old wheelbarrow on the front porch all summer. It’s still putting on a show, competing now with yellow and orange mums.

The celosia returns every year. Motor Man always comments on the bright red blooms.

You may recall that, during the summer, I shared pictures of a black-eyed susan vine that reached the top of this trellis on our deck.  I’m sorry to report that I neglected to water that for a few days, resulting in its untimely demise.

Into its place, I moved this pot of HUGE coleus from another location in the yard.

And, last but not least, the pansies I’ve planted in our window boxes on the deck are a yellow/lavender/purple combination.

This year, I’m paying special attention to what plants/flowers are still doing well late in the season. Because….my friend’s son and his fiancee are planning to get married in our yard next September.

And, you can be sure that I won’t forget to water the black-eyed susan vine next year.