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Toes In The Sand

Motor Man and I made another quick trip to the Outer Banks last week.

 A little time for “toes in the sand”.

An early morning ride on the beach.

With views like this.

Galloping horses.

Perching pelicans.

How many days hours til we go back, Motor Man?


Sunrise Saturday

As promised, today’s sunrise photos are from our drive on the beach last Sunday morning on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

I mentioned previously what an early morning it was. When this first picture of the sun, just peeping over the horizon, was taken, we’d been up for well over an hour.

About a minute later.

SO worth the pre-dawn alarm.

An early morning gull.

And one more picture of those beautiful horses. They were definitely posing for us.

And although this wasn’t taken at the time of  sunrise, I wanted to share this picture of pelicans in flight.

We’re ready for another sunrise journey on the beach.