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Come Saturday Morning

Motor Man and I spent the weekend on the Outer Banks. (I’m never sure which preposition to use: “on” the Outer Banks, “in” the Outer Banks, “at” the Outer Banks.  It was much easier in the old days when everyone referred to it as Nags Head.

Saturday morning, we drove up on the beach. It was very overcast, so we didn’t even attempt to get there in time for sunrise. But, later in the morning, the sun did manage to break through the clouds.

waves 6-21-2014 8-17-15 AM

The beach is different every time we go. This was a severe….shelf? gully? wash?  We’d never seen one that deep before. Definitely not something we wanted to drive over, even in our trusty little 4-wheel drive Jeep.

gully 6-21-2014 8-20-15 AM

I did a little “shelling”, while Motor Man did a little unauthorized picture-taking.

db shelling1 6-21-2014 10-48-54 AM

When I got back in the Jeep and glanced at him, this is what I saw.

motorman visor 6-21-2014 10-51-16 AM

Hey…he may take unauthorized photos, but I’m the one with the blog.

jr 6-21-2014 10-51-22 AM

We traveled the “back roads”; it was a fun morning on (and off) the beach.

off road 6-21-2014 11-14-40 AM

Did we see horses? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

~These Days Of Mine~

Summer To Winter In 36 Hours

Saturday morning, Motor Man needed to run an errand just across the Virginia/North Carolina border. The weather was almost perfect: sunny and temps in the low 70’s.  With a forecast looming for rain, sleet, wind and temps in the thirties for last night and today, we decided to head to the beach once our errand was complete.

The condition of the sand is different each time we go out on the beach. Saturday, it was perfect for driving; we didn’t even need to use 4-wheel-drive. That’s smoke in the distance, but we don’t know the source.

the beach 3-15-2014 12-23-57 PM

“My” wild horses are apparently still hunkered down in the brush, because we didn’t see any out on the beach. But we did spot this one, still wearing its winter woolies.

horse 3-15-2014 12-41-21 PM

I’m glad we stored up a little summer to get us through this (hopefully) last round of winter.


In shirtsleeves, but a bit windblown!

(No snow for us this St. Patrick’s Day morning; just windy, rainy and 34 degrees.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Motor Man’s Wild Horse Tours

This weekend, for the first time,  Motor Man and I took friends on a “Wild Horse Tour” on the Outer Banks.  Our neighbor, Susie, has been wanting to see the horses, so we scheduled a 5 a.m. departure time Sunday morning from her beach house.

Susie had two young friends visiting her at the beach: a twelve-year old and her eight-year old brother. All three of them were ready and waiting when we arrived to take them on their tour.

We watched the sun rise as we drove along the beach.

We’d only been on the beach about 15 minutes when we spotted the first horse. (Whew! It would have been so disappointing to not see any horses.)

We drove along the beach up to the North Carolina/Virginia state line. This fence marks the line and extends up on the beach. It’s one of the boundaries used to contain the horses within their protected area.

We saw a total of 41 horses on our trip, including these five, sunning themselves beside the dunes.

We also saw this tiny fawn. We hope Mama Deer was nearby, but we didn’t see her.

This particular dune presented quite a challenge, but Motor Man and the Jeep were “up” to the task.  As you might imagine, the eight-year old, being a boy, was thrilled that it took us three attempts to reach the top.  Me, not so much.

Motor Man: have Jeep, will find horses.

Toes In The Sand

Motor Man and I made another quick trip to the Outer Banks last week.

 A little time for “toes in the sand”.

An early morning ride on the beach.

With views like this.

Galloping horses.

Perching pelicans.

How many days hours til we go back, Motor Man?


Wild Horses At Sunrise

Recently, Motor Man and I bought an older model Jeep. We wanted a four-wheel drive vehicle that we could take out on the beach down at the Outer Banks. Yesterday morning was its inaugural trip. We set the alarm for  oh dark: thirty 4:30 AM, and drove up past Corolla.

I’ll share the sunrise photos on Saturday for Sunrise Saturday. But I couldn’t wait to share with you what else we saw on our drive up the beach. (Warning: LOTS of photos today.)

I was SO excited to see two of the wild mustangs out enjoying the view of the ocean at sunrise.

Soon, they were joined by a third.

Then, a fourth!

And if this weren’t beautiful enough,

Along came a fifth horse from over the dunes, with the early morning wind in its mane.

Isn’t that gorgeous? As you can imagine, I was beside myself as we just stood there and watched all these horses gather in front of us.

They reminded me of the senior’s coffee club, meeting at Hardee’s for breakfast the morning gossip.

A shot of Motor Man with the horses in the background. As you can see, once we spotted the horses and Motor Man stopped, I exited the vehicle so quickly, I didn’t even take time to close my door.

Proof that you don’t have to be a horse to have a windblown “mane”.

After the horses finished their morning visit, they separated and began walking away.

With photos like these waiting to be taken, getting up before the crack of dawn is SO worth it.