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The Duesies Were Here!

On Tuesday, our little town had some special guests. It was one of the stops on The Duesenberg Tour, Southern Style.

Motor Man and I waited for them on Main Street.

duesies 10-21-2014 9-50-21 AM

Then followed them the short distance to Smithfield Station, our local waterfront restaurant/marina/hotel, where the drivers enjoyed a coffee break. And townfolk enjoyed the cars.

station and cars1 10-21-2014 10-01-51 AM 10-21-2014 10-01-51 AM

There was an abundance of chrome and whitewalls!

fronts 10-21-2014 10-10-51 AM

This red one was a real eye-catcher.

red dues10-21-2014 10-21-50 AM 10-21-2014 10-21-50 AM

Duesenbergs were luxury cars manufactured during the 1920’s and 1930’s. I’m told there are about 380 still in existence; Jay Leno owns four, and one of our local businessmen (who organized this tour) owns two.

This beauty once belonged to….. Clark Gable. I didn’t know that until the cars had left town and pictures of friends began appearing on Facebook. Pictures taken of them standing beside “Clark’s” car. Had I known, I would definitely have posed beside it too.

clarks 10-21-2014 10-56-16 AM

Smithfield soon bid the Duesenbergs farewell and sent them on to the next stop on their tour.

bye 10-21-2014 11-08-19 AM

And two days later, I’m still stewing about the fact that I didn’t know that was Clark Gable’s car…..sigh.

~These Days Of Mine~

Bacon, (Bourbon) And Beach Music

Saturday was a perfect day for the Bacon, Bourbon and Beach Music Festival in our home town. The location was Windsor Castle Park.  You may recall this post from last fall when Motor Man and I helped launch a hot air balloon from the park.

When we arrived about 30 minutes after the 11:00 a.m. start of the festival Saturday, folks were beginning to stake out spots on the grounds. In this picture, you can see the old red barns to the right, and the chimneys of historic Windsor Castle to the far left.

beginning 9-27-2014 11-42-23 AM

A short time later, the crowd had definitely grown…

crowd 9-27-2014 2-08-03 PM

Throughout the afternoon, bands played the oldies Beach Music many of us remembered.

tfc band 9-27-2014 12-56-51 PM

This gal was the winner of the Bacon Eating Contest: a half pound of bacon in one minute, 20 seconds.

winner 9-27-2014 1-54-40 PM

The traveling Virginia Is For Lovers’  L-O-V-E sign was there for the occasion, so we had our picture taken with it (again). That’s Windsor Castle in the background.

db jr love 9-27-2014 2-39-05 PM

Included with admission to the festival was a half pound (cooked) bacon, which you could eat as is or dress up with condiments. It was delicious, but you know how bacon has a tendency to “stay with you”.

So Motor Man and I joked later in the day that we’d attended the “Burpin’ Bacon and Beach Music Festival”.

~These Days Of Mine~

The Weekend And The Cow

This weekend…

My friend, Donna, and I met Saturday morning at a favorite antique shop. I had driven Motor Man’s truck in anticipation of her buying a cupboard she saw on our last visit there. She bought the cupboard, we loaded into the truck and safely delivered it to her house.

Then she followed me to Smithfield, where we did a little shopping, and had lunch at Smithfield Station with Motor Man.

After lunch, we did a little more shopping, and Donna (my elementary/high school classmate) finally met my son, Marshall.

Yesterday, Motor Man and I took his mom to lunch, and we went riding out in the country.

And with all those photo ops, the only pictures I took all weekend?

cow1 3-8-2014 10-09-47 AM

These…of a cow statue…at the entrance to a local farm.

cow2 3-8-2014 10-10-00 AM

This cow is “mysteriously” decorated for every holiday….

~These Days Of Mine~

Friday’s Fences – Garden Visitors Welcome

This little garden and fence, in downtown Smithfield…

mills fence1

…is adjacent to one of the town’s historic homes, built in 1752.

m fence

There’s even a sweet little sign that welcomes garden visitors.

garden visitors welcome

Linking up to Friday’s Fences.

fridays fences

Barn Charm – Hidden Away

Just outside the town limits of Smithfield,  sits an old barn W-A-Y back off the highway. I’ve been noticing it for years.

barn from highway pd

Just before Christmas, Motor Man asked and was given permission for us to take pictures of it.

As we left home that afternoon, he asked to be sure I had the camera. I replied that I did. The golden light just before sunset was gorgeous. And as we got to the barn, I realized that I, in fact, did NOT have the camera. That was a big disappointment.

The next morning Motor Man had the thought that the barn might really be pretty in the golden light of MORNING. So we hurried to get ready and once again, headed to the barn. I double-checked to be sure I had the camera.

As we neared it, I realized that the barn is red; you couldn’t tell that from the highway, since all you can is the roof.

on the way

Motor Man was right: it was pretty in the early morning light.


It was treat to finally see this old barn up close.


After a couple of weeks away, I’m linking up once again to Barn Charm.

Friday’s Fences – Christmas Style

Remember a couple weeks ago, I shared pictures of the white picket fence in front of an antique shop in town?

Well, now, it’s all decked out for Christmas.

wharf hill night

Wharf Hill Antiques won First Place (People’s Choice Category) in historic Smithfield’s Decorating Contest this year.

Linking up to Friday’s Fences.

fridays fences

A Model (A) Christmas

Our small town Christmas parade took place Saturday in downtown Smithfield. Not to sound Scrooge-ish, but I didn’t attend.

However, later, I did see a few vehicles on our side of town that obviously had taken part in the parade.


These are, from the best I can determine, Model A Fords. I wasn’t sure about the difference between Model A’s and Model T’s, so I did a little research. My first source, of course, was Motor Man, and he knew that the “T’s” were the earlier models, but wasn’t exactly sure of the years.

in a row

Model “T’s” were built from 1908 til 1927, and the “A’s” were from 1928 til 1931.

red truck

These license plates (which I’ve scrambled to protect the owners’ identities) showed 1931.


Bringin’ home the Christmas tree

I was happy to see that “Rudolph the red nosed bear” had a warm, cozy blanket on which to ride.

rudolph bear

Whenever I stop to take pictures, I wonder what passers-by are thinking. But, as I took these, anyone who recognized me and knew that I was Motor Man’s wife, didn’t think twice.


I was just capturing what, most likely, would have been our favorite part of the Christmas parade.