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Winter — And Winners

Winter arrived Saturday morning in our little corner of southeast Virginia. And she was serious….. we’re estimating we had around 8-10 inches of snow following a couple of hours of sleet.  And that is a lot for our area.

Motor Man and I, of course, went riding.  We checked our shop to make sure all was well with Gypsy (it was). And we rode downtown, where we had the street pretty much to ourselves.


Then we drove through our local park, located on the grounds of the historic house known as Windsor Castle.


Although major highways and streets have been cleared, as of yesterday, this was the street in our neighborhood.  Anyone for a drive on a skating rink?  But, this morning, it’s 44 degrees, so things should be back to normal soon.


In other news, we have chosen the winners for the Early American Life magazine giveaway from last week. I assigned a number to each comment left on that blog post. I then asked Marshall to choose a number, and  had Motor Man choose the other.  Marshall chose Lori,  a local resident and one of my blog followers, and Motor Man chose Patti, a fellow blogger. Ladies, your magazines will be in the mail to you as soon as I can slip and slide make it to the post office. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

And how’s the weather in your neighborhood?

~These Days Of Mine~