Winter — And Winners

Winter arrived Saturday morning in our little corner of southeast Virginia. And she was serious….. we’re estimating we had around 8-10 inches of snow following a couple of hours of sleet.  And that is a lot for our area.

Motor Man and I, of course, went riding.  We checked our shop to make sure all was well with Gypsy (it was). And we rode downtown, where we had the street pretty much to ourselves.


Then we drove through our local park, located on the grounds of the historic house known as Windsor Castle.


Although major highways and streets have been cleared, as of yesterday, this was the street in our neighborhood.  Anyone for a drive on a skating rink?  But, this morning, it’s 44 degrees, so things should be back to normal soon.


In other news, we have chosen the winners for the Early American Life magazine giveaway from last week. I assigned a number to each comment left on that blog post. I then asked Marshall to choose a number, and  had Motor Man choose the other.  Marshall chose Lori,  a local resident and one of my blog followers, and Motor Man chose Patti, a fellow blogger. Ladies, your magazines will be in the mail to you as soon as I can slip and slide make it to the post office. Thanks for your comments, everyone.

And how’s the weather in your neighborhood?

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Winter — And Winners

  1. Congrats to the winners of the magazine…’s a great article. No slipping and sliding in our neighborhood – for once YOU got a heck of a lot more snow than WE did!


  2. That’s a harsh winter alright. Stay safe in those icy roads. Congrats to the winners as well.

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Beautiful photos, Dianna. We had rain, when we were supposed to have 6 to 8 inches.

  4. Ol’ Man Winter surely did come to visit you and stay for awhile. Yikes, all you lovely people down south got WAY more snow than we did – and we’re used to it. Ours is totally gone since it rained almost all day yesterday. Strange weather.

  5. Was there ever any question that MM would go tooling around in that beautiful snow? Congratulations to the winners!

  6. Love the photo of downtown, The rain today is melting the snow fast!

  7. All that snow gave you some beautiful photos! It turned warm here last night and rained. No more snow for us in PA…for now.

  8. The snow on Main Street is just beautiful – don’t we have a gorgeous, all-season town? A true postcard photo! Boy are you/Motor Man brave to get out of that street! Now I know, for sure why schools are still closed. Congrats to your winners – I know they will enjoy your article and pictures – AWESOME!!!

  9. It looks like a winter wonderland. I’m glad Gypsy was okay.
    At 44 it’ll be gone in no time.
    Congratulations to Patti and Lori. They’ll love the magazine. It’s filled with interesting stuff and your article is wonderful. 🙂

  10. Thanks for the gorgeous local views of the snow. For those of us who decided not to venture out, they are awesome. Thank you again for being so generous with your contest and I’m so happy to be chosen. I will definitely enjoy the magazine when it arrives.

  11. Beautiful pics! – but I am glad to see the snow melting !

  12. Your photos capture the stark cold and melting warmth of this past week. Beautiful and even better now it’s melting 👌

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The picture of main street is lovely, like a postcard. Windsor Castle is also very pretty. Congrats to the winners!

  14. I love the pictures of your winter wonderland. I do hope your area will not experience flooding from a rapid melting of that much snow.

  15. There’s a beauty to a snowstorm…even if it’s best seen from the inside of a hotel room.

  16. Looks like the slipping and sliding might be over for this go-round. Hope it is at your house, too. Thanks, Motor Man! 😀

  17. Very beautiful winter / snow photos.

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