An Honor For Me; A Giveaway For You

You may recall this post from March, 2015, in which I shared that a photo of mine of Bacon’s Castle had been featured in Early American Life magazine. The editors had contacted me to ask permission to use it for the article after first seeing it here on These Days.

In our correspondence, I mentioned that my mother and her family lived in Bacon’s Castle during the 1920’s and 30’s.  The editor then asked if I would consider writing an article for the magazine about my family’s life at “The Castle”.

Of course, I jumped at the chance replied that I would. I never miss the opportunity to share my love of Bacon’s Castle with anyone willing to listen…or in this case, read.

The article is in the February issue, on new stands now. And let me just say that I consider it quite an honor to have my story published.


(Behind me is a collection of Bacon’s Castle memorabilia: a cross-stitch I did of The Castle, old postcards I’ve purchased on E-bay, a decorative plate given to us as a wedding gift, and a bag for the Bacon’s Castle Brand ham, once private labeled by a local ham company and sold at The Castle. There’s also a sketch of the house drawn by my great-nephew and stitchery by my niece.  Another niece also did a pastel of Bacon’s Castle for me, but it hangs in another location in our home.)

To celebrate my article being published, I’m giving away two copies of the magazine.  Simply leave a comment here on the blog, and your name will be entered.  The winners will be announced next week.

I’m so appreciative to the staff at Early American Life for allowing me to share a little of Bacon’s Castle with their readers.

~These Days Of Mine~

27 responses to “An Honor For Me; A Giveaway For You

  1. That is so exciting – congratulations – !! Having grown up not to far away from the Castle – I would love to have a copy – and especially since I know the author!!!

  2. I treasure my copy of the magazine – it’s a well written article and I know you are proud of it – especially SWEET that you and JR’s wedding photo is included!!


  3. Congratulations Dianna. Those of us who lived at The Castle know how special it really is.

  4. This is fantastic news, Dianna! I’m thrilled for you…congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! I am thrilled for you and I know that the article is well written and informative. What a great honor to be able to have the opportunity to see a place you love featured and honored in such a great way! Congrats!

  6. ~Applause~ I’m so happy for you. Such a wonderful tribute to your family and your heritage. You’re an amazing lady; a published photographer and writer. Celebrate well, You’ve earned it.
    I didn’t want to chance missing out on seeing/reading your article, so I went and ordered a copy of the February 2017 issue. Hopefully, it’ll be here in a few weeks.
    I’m so happy for you! ~applause~

  7. Wow!! That is so exciting! I did not have any idea the history your family had with the castle until your original posts, but have thoroughly enjoyed reading each one ever since. Of all the historic buildings in our area, Bacon’s Castle has always intrigued me the most. And how special it’s in the February issue – since that’s your anniversary month and you were married there!! ♥

  8. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I know it will be interesting reading!

  9. AWESOME and Congratulations on being published, and on one of your very favorite subjects that is near and dear to your heart. The article is very well written and informative. The pictures are perfect! A CLASS act!!!

  10. Dianna, I am so incredibly happy for you. Such an important part of your identity is based on your heritage and family’s life at the beautiful Bacon’s Castle. Not many families can trace their heritage to such a magnificent home of such historical background, much less have had them live there two generations ago and talked to them about it. AND got married there. A treasure of personal and Virginia history. Even I try to share it with visiting strangers to Virginia while wearing curd upon my shirt (don’t ask) I am so impressed with your family’s connection. Love you and love that you are so proud of your family’s connection to Bacon’s Castle. What a wonderful accomplishment to be published and about something so near and dear to your heart. Looking forward to reading it.

  11. Congratulations Dianna…You are a terrific writer! I always enjoy reading your blog posts. You sure keep it fun and interesting.

  12. Fantastic honor for you. I enjoy your adventures.

  13. Congratulations on a well deserved honor. How exciting. It looks as though your collection of The Castle has increased since I saw it last. Your “wall” is indeed special.

  14. Wow! What an honor. This just might be the start of a new career for you. Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations Dianna. Your writing deserves this honour!

  16. Love it when history and family memories mix and are appreciated. How nice for you!

  17. See…. Someone else enjoys your blog. Congrats,

  18. An honor, for sure ! Published —- Congratulations !!
    It’s a great article on an amazing property .

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    How wonderful, my friend, that you are able to do so many things to publicize Bacon’s Castle. A very special place in our home town that was so under publicized when we were growing up. I have learned more about Bacon’s Castle since I have been reading your blog than I did the whole time I lived in Surry and Smithfield. To learn of your family history there made it that more interesting. Congratulations, Dianna, you should be VERY PROUD.

  20. So HAPPY for you! Congratulations! What we can see with you holding the magazine looks beautiful. Your Bacon’s Castle collection is fun to see. It really is a wonderful honor Dianna!

  21. Years ago, touring “The Castle” for the first time and being totally fascinated with the improbability of the structure, the efforts to preserve it, as well as the history of its ownership and use, I could have never imagined that we would meet someone who lived there, tape a series of Haloween Haunts there (with members of that same family!) and then finally be part of shooting an indie movie on site there ( with members of that same family! Again!). Suffice to say, Bacon’s Castle has been a special series of highlights in these days of ours, as well!

  22. Congratulations! I met you with Freshly pressed and now you add feature writer for Early American Life. I am so proud of you, but most of all I’m so grateful for all you share and the encouragement you give in our lives, these days of ours, if you will. I will have to go on line and order a copy. February issue? Thank you for sharing such wonderful news.

  23. Diane WOW! What an incredible honor! You are amazing!

  24. Dianna, that is simply fantastic! An honor that is well deserved, my friend. Congratulations!

  25. How exciting, Dianna, to get to share your story with folks far and wide!

  26. I knew her when…. “she was a little girl in the first grade with long, beautiful hair down to her waist. She sat next to me in the row to my left”

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