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God’s Work’s Going On

I can’t say that I’ve ever been particularly fond of thunderstorms.

When I was a child, Mom and I would sit out on our little screened-in back porch and watch as a storm approached.  She would tell me that, although her dad was a hard working farmer, when a storm came up, everyone left the field and went inside. The women didn’t sew, the children didn’t play. Everyone sat quietly; quite a feat considering there were twelve children.  “Papa” would say: “Sit down and be still. God’s work’s going on.”

Last summer, a house just two streets from us was struck by lightning. From our window, we could see the flames.  The house was completely destroyed.

Since then,  I find that I care even less for storms.

Monday evening, we had our first “good” storm of the season. As I took these pictures, I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance.

storm clouds 5-2-2016 5-41-29 PM

One of our goose families kept a watchful eye on the weather too.

geese and storm2 5-2-2016 5-41-00 PM

Yup, just about time for me to head to the house.

storm 5-2-2016 5-42-36 PM

Later, during the storm, our electricity blinked off for a few seconds.  When it came back on, it caused the doorbell to ring, which scared Sundae, and she ran under the bed.  I was tempted to join her.

We heard of downed trees and transformers on fire not too far from us.

And so, the season begins….

~These Days Of Mine~