God’s Work’s Going On

I can’t say that I’ve ever been particularly fond of thunderstorms.

When I was a child, Mom and I would sit out on our little screened-in back porch and watch as a storm approached.  She would tell me that, although her dad was a hard working farmer, when a storm came up, everyone left the field and went inside. The women didn’t sew, the children didn’t play. Everyone sat quietly; quite a feat considering there were twelve children.  “Papa” would say: “Sit down and be still. God’s work’s going on.”

Last summer, a house just two streets from us was struck by lightning. From our window, we could see the flames.  The house was completely destroyed.

Since then,  I find that I care even less for storms.

Monday evening, we had our first “good” storm of the season. As I took these pictures, I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance.

storm clouds 5-2-2016 5-41-29 PM

One of our goose families kept a watchful eye on the weather too.

geese and storm2 5-2-2016 5-41-00 PM

Yup, just about time for me to head to the house.

storm 5-2-2016 5-42-36 PM

Later, during the storm, our electricity blinked off for a few seconds.  When it came back on, it caused the doorbell to ring, which scared Sundae, and she ran under the bed.  I was tempted to join her.

We heard of downed trees and transformers on fire not too far from us.

And so, the season begins….

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “God’s Work’s Going On

  1. Beautiful pictures and narrative. But we differ in how we feel about storms. I find them exhilarating and exciting even when I am little “surprised ” by a sudden yellow sky and strong winds!

  2. Dianna, when I was a little child, we STILL did the same thing as your Mom’s family when a storm came up. I remember sitting quietly in our living room with lights off – since electricity was then invented! 😉 I am sure that there were many stories our parents or grandparents knew of lighting strikes and it’s danger. The scariest for me was a time we were sitting on our front porch in the summer and no apparent storm close by and lighting struck in the middle of the peanut field directly across the road. That certainly got my attention that it’s not always directed at something tall and of it’s power! Another childhood memory is of a storm when I was in the hospital – probably 4 or 5 – having my tonsils removed and the nurse told me the thunder noise was just the angel’s bowling:) But after what happened in your neighborhood last summer, I know I would feel the same way anytime a storm was approaching!

  3. It is that time of the year in our bit of country too. I am glad we have a basement and we watch the weather closely. I always wonder how the birds and other animals ride out the storms.

  4. During a storm my mom wouldn’t let me talk on the phone, run water, take a bath, or even sit near a window. As a young girl, she witnessed a cousin getting struck by lightning while they were all swimming in a creek and she never forgot how scary that was. We had a doozy of a storm the other night (actually around 3-4 a.m) with such loud cracks of thunder and lightning which seemed awfully close to our house. Thankfully, it didn’t last long. I don’t know if you saw the photo on my FB that a pro photographer took the same night of lightning striking one of the rivers in Pittsburgh. It was an amazing shot – scary, but amazing.

  5. Thunderstorms were almost always exciting for me growing up. We’d go on the porch and watch storms come across the fields – thankful for the hope of rain on dry crops. I especially liked to lie in bed at night and listen to the thunder. There was the occasional scary strike, but I find that I am still fascinated by the possibility of sky fireworks put on by God.

  6. Yes indeed – the season begins……and we’ve already had more than enough rain for a start but yet it keeps coming. Let’s hope that our storm season is mild although it certainly isn’t showing any signs of being “shy” out of the starting gate!


  7. We had a major storm yesterday with some serious hail. I’m hoping our roof is okay.

  8. I always liked thunder storms. Strong winter wind and nor-easters is what makes me anxious. I AM ready for some sunshine and warmer weather!

  9. I’m with Sundae! I hate thunderstorms and I head for the closet. 🙂

  10. I love your stories and the pictures are beautiful. Growing up in SC, we had “weather” (storms) brewing all the time and I loved them, but, respected them, too.

  11. Yep – I’d say the one the other night ushered in the season !
    I turn off all electronics & stay away from windows… but I’ll head for the hallway when I hear a lightning strike that begins with a sizzle … that’s the scariest ..

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    My Grandmother Matthews was the same way about storms . You kept away from windows and stayed quiet. Boy, how different things are today. Your pictures are breath taking. Stay safe in the storms.

  13. Beautiful pigtures and story. Whee are not fans of thunder storms either

    The hoomans play music for us to drown out the sound and close the curtains. But the air always smells so lovely after a storm so that’s one good thing!


  14. I love to listen to thunderstorms – as long as they don’t strike any closer than 2-3 miles to where I am! When I was a child, they used to scare the padoodle out of me when I was in the (daddy’s) store. I guess things weren’t as well grounded, and sometimes big blue balls of electricity would zap out of the cold cases. No sympathy from the parents! Suck it up!

  15. Thanks for sharing another sweet memory of your family. I’m with you on the thunderstorms. Shelibean is scared of them. We usually spend the stormy days sitting with on the couch with him under a crocheted blanket. We’ve done a lot of quietly sitting this week. The electric flickering and the storm raging,
    Sounds like Sundae had a fine idea to hide away until the threat passed.
    Your photos are magnificent. I love the goose family. Little baby critters are so adorable.

  16. You captured the storm well. My dad used to sit on the porch when it rained. If it got too violent, he would come inside.

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