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Random Five Friday

My first “official” Random Five of the summer:

1.) I’m sure most of us have certain dates that stand out for us each year – those dates other than birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  One such date for me is June 26.  That was the date we brought 10-day old Marshall home from the hospital. (Because of some health issues of mine, he was born prematurely, then had some health concerns of his own.)  So even though his birthday is June 16,  this mama also remembers June 26 as a special day. Sigh.

mom and marshall 6-25-2015 8-29-07 PM

2.) Recently, I put out corn for the ducks in a repurposed Cool Whip container.  Something apparently scared them away before they finished eating, and I looked out later to see this: a squirrel smorgasboard for one.

squirrel corn1 6-21-2015 6-40-26 AM

 3.) I don’t recall exactly what year I planted petunias in a container out in the old wooden boat we have in our side yard….last year? Perhaps the year before? Wednesday evening, I was out taking pictures of the sunset and happened to look over at the boat. I just love it when plants surprise me.


4.) And here’s the sunset I was capturing – SOOC (straight out of the camera).

sunset last 6-24-2015 8-16-43 PM

5.) This weekend is our town’s “Olden Days” celebration. I wrote about it previously in this post.  Sadly, there’s a good chance of rain for tonight’s and  tomorrow’s activities. Perhaps the weather folks will be mistaken, and we’ll all have a nice surprise.

Do you have weekend plans? Are they threatened by bad weather?

~These Days Of Mine~