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Weddings And What I’ve Learned This Week

One of this week’s prompts for Mama Kat’s workshop is:

4. Something you learned this week.

This coming Saturday, a wedding is scheduled to take place here on our lawn. It will be the third wedding we’ve had here in 5 years. The first was the wedding of a niece in 2008.

lee and chad 8-8-2008 3-59-37 AM

The second, in 2009 (in fact, 4 years ago today) was the daughter of a long-time friend.

lacey and joe walking toward water 9-12-2009 9-59-17 AM

And the one on Saturday will be the son of that same friend. (With permission of the bride and groom, I’m planning a blog post about the wedding for one day next week.)

It’s a lot of work to get everything ready for a wedding, but I love the excitement, and each time, we’ve had gorgeous weather. As hard as I try NOT to look at the 10-day weather forecast, I always end up giving in everyday and checking to see what the most recent extended guess forecast is.

Last Friday, the forecast for Saturday, September 14 was:
Sunny, a high of 81 degrees and 0% chance of precipitation

Last Saturday, the forecast had changed to:
Scattered showers, a high of 71 degrees and 30% chance of precipitation

On Sunday, the forecast was:
Sunny, a high of 77 degrees and 0% chance of precipation

On Monday, the forecast was:
Sunny, a high of 71 degrees and 10% chance of precip

On Tuesday, the forecast had changed to:
Sunny, a high of 70 degrees and 0% chance of precip

Yesterday’s paper (the most recent I have at this time) shows this:

 forecast 4 saturday 9-11-2013 8-51-26 PM.bmp-001

“Mostly sunny and delightful”: perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.

So…this is what I’ve learned this week:

Although it may be impossible to refrain from watching extended weather forecasts, remember that they will definitely change from day to day.

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