Weddings And What I’ve Learned This Week

One of this week’s prompts for Mama Kat’s workshop is:

4. Something you learned this week.

This coming Saturday, a wedding is scheduled to take place here on our lawn. It will be the third wedding we’ve had here in 5 years. The first was the wedding of a niece in 2008.

lee and chad 8-8-2008 3-59-37 AM

The second, in 2009 (in fact, 4 years ago today) was the daughter of a long-time friend.

lacey and joe walking toward water 9-12-2009 9-59-17 AM

And the one on Saturday will be the son of that same friend. (With permission of the bride and groom, I’m planning a blog post about the wedding for one day next week.)

It’s a lot of work to get everything ready for a wedding, but I love the excitement, and each time, we’ve had gorgeous weather. As hard as I try NOT to look at the 10-day weather forecast, I always end up giving in everyday and checking to see what the most recent extended guess forecast is.

Last Friday, the forecast for Saturday, September 14 was:
Sunny, a high of 81 degrees and 0% chance of precipitation

Last Saturday, the forecast had changed to:
Scattered showers, a high of 71 degrees and 30% chance of precipitation

On Sunday, the forecast was:
Sunny, a high of 77 degrees and 0% chance of precipation

On Monday, the forecast was:
Sunny, a high of 71 degrees and 10% chance of precip

On Tuesday, the forecast had changed to:
Sunny, a high of 70 degrees and 0% chance of precip

Yesterday’s paper (the most recent I have at this time) shows this:

 forecast 4 saturday 9-11-2013 8-51-26 PM.bmp-001

“Mostly sunny and delightful”: perfect weather for an outdoor wedding.

So…this is what I’ve learned this week:

Although it may be impossible to refrain from watching extended weather forecasts, remember that they will definitely change from day to day.

Mama’s Losin’ It

20 responses to “Weddings And What I’ve Learned This Week

  1. Isn’t it fun that “delightful” is part of the forecast? 🙂 MJ

  2. Looks like a winning forecast on their important day!


  3. I think they wrote “delightful” just for you and the bride.

  4. It looks like a gorgeous place for an outdoor wedding – here’s to weather that matches!

  5. What a lovely place for a wedding! And I predict sunshine and smiles. A “delightful” post!

  6. Hope the weather forecast holds true. It would be great if those moochers, the Bride and Groom Swan, showed up for wedding cake!

  7. Yay for outdoor weddings. I know it will be successful. It is so much fun but I can appreciate all the work that goes into it the week before.

  8. Delightful! That says it all.. 🙂
    I am sure it will be beautiful!

  9. Oh, I’d be OBSESSING over the forecast!! My husband and I got married in my parents’ back yard. It was so special. It’s wonderful that you make yours available for weddings of friends and family.

  10. Oh, I do hope they have a delightful day as predicted. [crossing fingers] You know how I love weddings, so I’m excited to see the photos.

  11. Great weather and a weekend wedding … It doesn’t get any better than that. Enjoy the day. I can imagine the excitement buzzing around you!

  12. I like the heart drawn around the forecast in the last pic there ! 😉
    Best Wishes to the Bride & Groom! – hope this ceremony will be as fine as the previous ones !

  13. Oh! A Wedding!!! Weddings makes me excited!

  14. Being a weather forecaster is the only job I can think of where you can be totally wrong almost all the time, and yet you get to keep your job.

  15. you are so kind to lend your beautiful yard and view for their memorable day!

  16. Ooooo have fun! Whee love weddings!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  17. What a GIFT to be able to do that for people!! Such JOY! Can’t wait to see pics and hope the ‘delightful’ weather forecast holds! {what I love is when my boss asks me to check the forecast, I tell him what they’re saying…then on the day, if it’s not right he says ‘YOU told me….” Like I was doing the predicting!}

  18. Sunny and delightful–sounds perfect! How nice to get the promise of a blog post.

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Hope the weather and the wedding is everything the couple hopes for and you. How blessed you and Jr are to have a home that people want to share their happy day there.

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