To The Beach

Today, I’m sharing photos from a recent trip Motor Man and I took to Carova Beach, NC to see ‘my’ wild horses.

Within a half mile of arriving on the four-wheel drive beach, we spotted these beauties enjoying the sunshine and ocean breeze.

Baby Betsy, one of this year’s foals.

I caught this sweet family photo of her with her parents.

And enjoying ‘lunch on the dunes’, Baby Benjamin and mom.

It was a pretty day for a drive on the beach, and we saw 48 horses. That’s almost half the herd.

Today, Claudette has that area under a tropical storm warning. Hopefully, she’ll pass through quickly and won’t leave much damage.

~These Days Of Mine~




8 responses to “To The Beach

  1. glad you’re back to see your beauties and stay safe

  2. Well that was a “bumper crop” of horses you all saw this latest trip. I do hope the beach and horses will be OK with Claudette passing through.


  3. These are beautiful pictures of your horses!
    Loved the babies (all legs) beach and sand!!
    So glad you share your pictures!!

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beauties for sure. So glad you saw so many.

  5. I know they know where to go when the weather gets dicey, so I hope they all make it through safely – more great pics !!

  6. What a lovely trip out.

  7. Every photo is a treat just like always. 🙂

  8. WOW!!! You hit the jackpot with your pictures on your latest visit. Two young ones and parents. I especially love the first picture with the group on the beach.

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