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Random Five Friday

I’d like to report a missing month: exactly what happened to June?

1.) During this (very quick) month, we celebrated my birthday, Marshall’s birthday and Father’s Day.  It may be a short month, but it’s a very busy one.

2.) Recently, I purchased a chair for my sunset evenings. It may not be too comfy, but I like it. My mom, the butterfly lover, would approve.

3.) Although we see lots of deer in our yard, we rarely see a buck.  Check out those little antlers. I’m far from being a deer expert, but I think during this time, they’re said to be “in velvet”.  (Repeat after me, little guy: I must not eat flowers, I must not eat flowers…)

4.) Speaking of which: so far, so good.  I’ve never known the deer to eat Angelonia, so that’s what I planted in my old bicycle basket bucket.

5.) What are your plans for the long holiday weekend?  I’m looking forward to putting up buntings  on the deck railing and these “column flags” on our front porch.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

Just Visiting Or A New Neighbor?

Many times, I’ve shared with you photos of deer in our yard. But Motor Man spotted something unusual yesterday morning and called me quickly (and quietly) to the window.

young buck 11-11-2014 7-50-48 AM

Of all the deer I’ve seen here through the years, I really can’t recall ever seeing a buck. I moved from window to window, taking pictures, as he walked along the length of our yard.

buck best 11-11-2014 7-51-42 AM

Although we’ve occasionally seen deer walking in the street, it always strikes us as strange when they do.

in street 11-11-2014 7-53-46 AM

I should have called my neighbors to tell them they had company, but then, I would have missed getting these pictures.

deer2 11-11-2014 7-54-56 AM

What’s odd is, there was a young deer already in the neighbors’ yard (Motor Man spotted that, too), but it wasn’t traveling with the buck.

2deer 11-11-2014 7-55-15 AM

So the question is: was the buck just visiting our neighborhood? Or is he a new neighbor?  Although I’m sure he’ll wreak havoc on our flowers and shrubs, he’s so beautiful handsome, I’m hoping he’ll stay.

~These Days Of Mine~