Random Five Friday

I’d like to report a missing month: exactly what happened to June?

1.) During this (very quick) month, we celebrated my birthday, Marshall’s birthday and Father’s Day.  It may be a short month, but it’s a very busy one.

2.) Recently, I purchased a chair for my sunset evenings. It may not be too comfy, but I like it. My mom, the butterfly lover, would approve.

3.) Although we see lots of deer in our yard, we rarely see a buck.  Check out those little antlers. I’m far from being a deer expert, but I think during this time, they’re said to be “in velvet”.  (Repeat after me, little guy: I must not eat flowers, I must not eat flowers…)

4.) Speaking of which: so far, so good.  I’ve never known the deer to eat Angelonia, so that’s what I planted in my old bicycle basket bucket.

5.) What are your plans for the long holiday weekend?  I’m looking forward to putting up buntings  on the deck railing and these “column flags” on our front porch.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. The month is gone – so, so fast! You’re right. Glad it was such a good one for you. Love the butterfly chair, flags, flowers – EVERYTHING! What a wonderful random five.

  2. Love your butterfly chair! What phot ops that will provide! That “little” buck already looks like he is going to be huge! So pretty. Love your column flags, look so perfect for your porch. And finally, you are absolutely right about June! What hazy, lazy days of summer? Enjoy your Fourth!

  3. A great summertime post on TheseDays!
    June is a busy one – always has been !
    The patriotic pulldowns look great ..
    The second pic here is Summer in one frame …

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The butterfly chair is awesome! I guess the buck heard about the wonderful buffet at the Keen’s and decided to check it out. lol Your flowers in the bike basket are pretty, hope they stay that way. Love the decorations on your home, very nice. I agree this month has gone fast. Chuck and I are planning a low key 4tth and hope you and JR have a good one. ❤

  5. Hard to believe June is gone but it is and here comes the lazyhazycrazy days of July! Enjoy your weekend………..randomly or otherwise!


  6. Love that sunset picture, what a unique chair. Hope you get many hours of enjoyment out of it. 🙂 For me, life is going fast these days, not just the months.

  7. Yep, June flew by! After the 4th summer just seems to really fly by. Hope the deer stay out of your new flowers… they look cute in the bike basket!

  8. Brenda Hodgson

    Love the chair!

  9. I know! Where did June go? I’m so behind in my blog reading too because we’ve been entertaining a lot of family the last couple of weeks. I love, love, love the butterfly chair! Who cares if it’s comfy? It’s beautiful! Yes, the buck is in velvet now. I just saw one the other day too with his velvety small antlers. I love your front porch and I bet it looked spectacular with its July 4th decor. Can I come sit on it with you? (But only when it’s not hot and muggy!) 😉

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