Of Peanut Dryers and Pumpkins


What says fall to you? Or do you prefer “autumn”?

I guess for each of us there’s a particular sight or sound or even smell that lets us know that fall is here.

Growing up across the highway from a dairy farm, the sound of  peanut dryers always meant fall of the year to me.  Many nights, the hum of those motors would lull me to sleep.

We met this little girl during our recent trip to Pennsylvania Amish country. 

She may not know the sound of a peanut dryer…….but she knows it’s autumn.

6 responses to “Of Peanut Dryers and Pumpkins

  1. She’s adorable! I think of Halloween and carving pumpkins.

  2. She is so precious. And the wagon with pumpkins say fall to me. I remember my mother raking sycamore leaves everyday from the neighbor’s tree. Cool evenings riding my bike through the leaves and now lots of leaves in my yard blowing everywhere. Oh, and collard greens and sweet potatoes for dinner. Yum!

  3. Now that is the cutest pic I have seen in a long while. That little angel looks like she is waiting so patiently for her pumpkin. Beautiful photo.

  4. I love when I’m driving and seeing all the leaves changing colors. There’s a smell of sweetness in the air. The air starts to become more crisp. I just love it.

  5. Fall IS the best…..!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I think for me it is the trees. The beautiful colors on the leaves on the ground and trees. It also meant raking them.

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