Halloweens Past

We don’t do much in the way of celebrating Halloween at our house.  There aren’t any parties to attend, we don’t have little ones to take trick-or-treating. We don’t even give out candy on Halloween. Guess we’re Halloween scrooges.

We did participate in a Twilight Tour (a sort of ghost tour) at a nearby historic house this weekend.  (More details in a couple of days.) So maybe we’re not complete scrooges.

With Halloween approaching, I started looking through some old photos of Marshall in his costumes through the years. I can only recall one year that we opted for the plastic store-bought variety – I think he was a Smurf that year.

This photo is from the year he was 4. He was Tom the Cat. I made his costume. Too bad we took this picture before we applied his (black eyeliner) whiskers and nose. His friend was Jerry the Mouse. They won best costume(s) at our local McDonald’s that year.  Marshall was very upset because one of the boys there kept stepping on his tail. I guess that would be a cause for concern.

This next one was the year Marshall was a scarecrow. I’m thinking he was 5 years old, but I’m not sure. Oh – and the pirate to his right is now the father of two. Children, not pirates.

Then there was the year that Marshall was the pirate. He was 8 years old. Don’t those tube socks and Converse All Stars tennis shoes just complete the whole pirate ensemble? There’s the black eyeliner again – this time it’s the mustache and beard stubble. Yep, I made this costume too.

One year, Marshall had to dress in character for a book report at school. Luckily (for me, anyway), this was right around Halloween, so his costume that year did double duty.  He was Daniel Boone. Or maybe Davy Crockett.  Once again, I made his costume, and let me tell ya, the coon skin cap was quite the challenge. Too bad it doesn’t show up in the photo.

Creating his costume each year was a combined effort; I did the sewing, and Marshall was the technical adviser.  And taking him trick or treating and to Halloween parties was fun. Guess I wasn’t a Halloween scrooge in those days.


4 responses to “Halloweens Past

  1. It’s always great to have a creative, talented Mom! And with Marshall, you couldn’t/can’t make him look bad!

  2. Good times, good times…. And I’m not sure about the boo-humbug.. After the last two nites, I think we’re definitely major players in the Halloween celebration category… More on that in a couple of days ????

  3. Grace Depasquale

    I used to love when it came Halloween. I had two boys (Josh & Andrew) and Tara of course (she loved to dress up too) and I made their costumes every year and still do even tho they are in their 20s. You are very talented when it comes to sewing. All the costumes look great. After I moved from Talbot Dr., I didn’t get to see Marshall. Thanks for this posting!

  4. Marshall was debonaire even when he was a little boy. But this weekend was absolutely his best, so handsome! I made Laura’s costume every year too but when she was in the second grade she begged me to be “like all the other children” with a store bought costume. That only lasted that year and she reverted back to “home made” proudly. Such good memories.

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