Etched In Glass


Today’s post is an entry in the 365 Words in Photos challenge. As you can tell, my participation in this challenge is sporadic, to say the least.

The word today is historic:
 adjective 1. well-known or important in history

This photo is of a window pane at Bacon’s Castle, a historic property in Surry County, Virginia.

Three names have been “etched”, actually scratched, in the glass of the window. Legend has it that etchings such as these would have been done with a diamond. The second name is that of James Dewitt Hankins, whose family owned Bacon’s Castle during the Civil War.  James served in the war.  The girl whose name is at the top, Mary Rebecca Alexander, was a friend of James’  sister. The third name is that of Walker Pegram Warren, whose family owned the Castle for three generations.  He was the last private owner of the Castle.

6 responses to “Etched In Glass

  1. When I read that this was one of the 365 words…I thought from the title of today’s blog, the word would be “etched”!! But it’s definitely historic.

  2. As a former Virginia, I’ve visited that castle — forgot about the window. Thanks for the memory! This is wonderful. Please become less sporadic. You can see my entry here:

  3. Interesting history that they left there.

  4. Definitely historic .. glass is so easy to lose, but these panes have stood the test of time, and would always draw visitors in; even the ones that had no other interest in anything there .. historic artifacts everywhere!

  5. Although I do live here in Virginia, I’ve never been out that way. So, thanks for sharing the “historic” item…:)JP P.S. Good luck with your Photo Blog Contest!

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Little did we know as children what history has been maded in our Surry
    County (or didn’t pay attention too). We just wanted to get out into the big
    world and now many of us just want to go back to those times.

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