Groom Swan’s Sunset Visit


Groom swan stopped by for a visit one day last week. And he timed his visit right at sunset. You can see the reflection of the setting sun on the water. If you’re new to my blog, and aren’t familiar with Groom swan, you can read about him here.


This time, he was at a different area of our yard, so I didn’t have marsh grass to deal with and could get closer to him. You can see I was having some difficulty getting to the water’s edge, because it’s slightly downhill. And bear in mind that this was just two days after my scary vertigo experience.

Groom swan has taken bread from my hand once before, but this time he just couldn’t navigate the rocks and bricks along the shoreline to get close enough.

But he really wanted to.

Motor Man was taking the pictures. He got this shot of water droplets falling from Groom swan’s beak after he had eaten some bread I’d thrown in the water. Mmm… good.

Bye, Groom swan! Come back soon!

5 responses to “Groom Swan’s Sunset Visit

  1. More great pictures….thanks!

  2. He’s a very proud swan …. and I know he’ll be back soon!!

  3. He’s a beauty!!! So neat that you can get up close and personal with him!

  4. like the shots ….the swan is beautiful……..

  5. Great Photo’s. Thank you for Dianna for always remembering to drop by my blog. You have so much in common with my little Savannah, with both you not having Daddies in the the picture while growing up.
    Oh well life goes on. God gives us what we need.

    God bless and take care,

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