Cloudy Blue Sunset

I continue to find sunrise and sunset pictures from around Christmas time that I didn’t share because of all the holiday happenings.

This one was from December 23. There really wasn’t much sun involved.

But blue is my favorite color.

And Groom Swan is my favorite swan one of my favorite swans.

It’s a winning combination. With or without sun.


20 responses to “Cloudy Blue Sunset

  1. I’m sure it’s downright impossible to take a bad photo of handsome groom swan…..even though it’s a blue and cloudy sky, his darkness in the water adds a lovely touch!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. The photos are beautiful, even without a lot of sun! There is just enough to send a little glimmer – and groom swan is so handsome! Have a great day!

  3. Very pretty!

  4. It’s hard to take a bad sunrise/sunset picture over the Pagan River. And yours are always special

  5. Beautiful shades of blue! Oh yes, we can’t play favorites among your swans! Lol

  6. Oh I like these! Such pretty colors!

  7. i’d say so, too!

  8. The shades of blue in those clouds are wonderful! Saw a swan of “my own” yesterday….thought of you, of course!

  9. These remind me of an impressionist painting. Quite unusual and lovely.

  10. Love the last photo- such a beautiful blue background!

  11. . . .maybe so, but the sun that peeked its way through was lovely!

  12. Great tint and tone here … it lends a whole different mood to the series .. Groom knows when to show up!

  13. Looking forward to sunrises and sunsets from the other side. Hope your trip was good and eventful.

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Blue is also my favorite color and the back ground of water
    and the blue are perfect for the Groom Swan. Beautiful.

  15. So beautiful! Not trying to invade your privacy, just wondering, what body of water is this? ~ Sheila

  16. Your Blue sunset is lovely and mysterious. Groom swan is as handsome as always. 🙂

  17. It looks peaceful there. I’d like to step right into the photo and say hello to Groom Swan.

  18. What a lovely sky. Groom swan is the perfect accompaniment!

  19. so gorgeous…..thanks for putting these up….

  20. Love the lighter shades in the clouds making the blue appear even bluer.

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