Barn Charm – Uh Oh

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I motored to Nag’s Head. As we traveled along a rural section of the Chesapeake Expressway, we glanced over at an old farm house.

Since we travel that way fairly frequently, we were surprised to see that the barn near the house had collapsed. So, Motor Man, being the wonderful hubby that he is, (and knowing I wanted photos for Barn Charm) exited the Expressway and drove down country roads til we were in front of the farm house and the collapsed barn.

We have no way of knowing when this happened, but feel confident that it was a recent event.

This was the best Google Earth image I could get, showing the barn still standing.

Google Earth image

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29 responses to “Barn Charm – Uh Oh

  1. It makes me sad to see that old barn falling down 😦 but you did a great job capturing it for us as did MM.


  2. It’s sad to see any barn falling down….and also older houses. We really don’t know what treasures they are until it’s too late and they’re beyond repair.

  3. I guess that old barn’s “time” had come….now it’s at rest in the field where it stood proudly and watched over the farm for who knows how many years! Good photo capture….

    Pam (and Sam)

  4. You do that barn justice finding the google earth image. Always you show heart.

  5. Great photos. It’s ashame about the barn falling. I read an article the other day about Barns disappearing from the landscape and a group of folks that refurbish them to help preserve the heritage. So much history goes with a barn and it’s just sad to see them falling away. 😦

  6. Great post Dianna, but incredibly sad about the barn. I am finding myself all attached to these old barns! Thank you so much for thinking of google earth~cool 🙂

  7. I would never have thought of Google earth! What a great idea…now I think I may have to check that out! This is a wonderful shot – I never take the Expressway (too cheap to pay the toll), so I guess I wouldn’t have seen this one otherwise!

  8. Oh, how sad for that poor barn! Hope nothing major was wrecked in the process of it falling down.

    WIth all your travels, it’s amazing to me you have time to blog. You are a superwoman, Dianna!

  9. That is an uh-oh! The other half looks o.k.; I wonder if a storm hit the barn. Hope no animals were inside!

  10. awww. hate to see when that happens!

  11. Great shot of the sad old barn…..i wonder if they will try to restore it?

  12. i sure hope they can restore it quickly. sad to see barn fall like this. (:

  13. I wonder what happened to that poor barn? It didn’t look that old. Maybe that was the problem. They don’t make them like they used to.

  14. That’s always so sad to see.

  15. I guess a mighty wind must have come through!

  16. What a sad ending to that wonderful old barn that worked hard for so many years. Nice idea the Google Earth!

  17. Oh, how sad! A childhood friend, now married with grown children, lives in her grandparents’ old home. A few years ago, her grandparents’ barn just collapsed with no warning. They had no idea why it happened, but my friend cried for a long time over it as she recalled fond memories of that barn.

  18. What a shame! I’d be sick if that was my barn… Such a shame!
    Thanks for joining in! =)

  19. Oh, I hate to see that…wonder if it was a storm.

  20. Awe… sad isn’t it.

  21. It is sad.. but I’m sure it worked hard in years past …

  22. I wonder what happened? I hope there weren’t any animals in there when it fell.

  23. How creative of you to find the image on google earth of the barn upright. It’s sad to see something of character fall in on itself.

  24. Shirley Matthews Dunnzoo

    We have had a lot of strong wind here on the Southside. Maybe thats what happen. The barn looked in pretty good shape before.

  25. It’s so sad when these old barns fall down. Some people just burn them when they do. I wish they would advertise the wood for sale or giveaway because there are people who repurpose the old wood into beautiful pieces.

  26. oh, so sad. I wonder if they’ll rebuild?

  27. That’s pretty rough, I wonder if it wasn’t weather related damage. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful places you find.

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